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We are specializing in humane rodent, insect and bird control, and extermination. We always follow the Code of Best Practice trying to solve the problem in an eco-friendly and non-toxic matter. All our technicians are part of BPCA, accredited Basis Prompt members, and hold RSPH Level 2 Certificates. We pine to deliver the best quality of every service carried out therefore we use the latest proven natural and chemical solutions.

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Rodents are the most common pest in the UK. If you are dealing with mice, rats, or squirrels, call us. We will be happy to help you. 

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crawling pests control

Crawling pests

If you require cockroach, bed bug or another type of insect control services in London or the surrounding areas, reach us for advice. 

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What Makes AccuRat Special

Professionalism & great attention to detail. This is what we’re known for. We strive to provide the highest quality service at an affordable price for everyone.
Besides the wide variety of pest control services we offer more advanced specialised treatments such as:

advanced cctv rodent drain survey

CCTV Rodents Drain Survey

Rodents can sometimes be extremely difficult to get rid of. This happens because the source of the infestation is not treated properly. In such cases even though the rats & mouses are gone for a while they eventually return and the problems continue all over again.

With the specialised CCTV Drain Inspection we get to the bottom of the issue. To perform the service at the highest quality possible we insert High Definition Push Rod Cameras that give us a complete 360* view of the drainage and allow us to examine everything in detail and understand how to bring out the best possible results for you!

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specialised heat treatment for bed bugs

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Dealing with bed bugs is frustrating to say the least. In most cases, people are unaware that they have an infestation of such kind, simply because these bugs are really difficult to spot. If you see the common signs of bed bugs such as random bites around your body & bloodstains on the sheets – act quickly!

The specialised heat bed bug treatment is the most efficient way to deal with the bugs. Traditional bed bug treatments are not enough to effectively deal with pests and remove them for a long time as they are resistant to most methods. With our heat treatment procedure, we guarantee the most effective removal of bed bugs along with a 100% eco-friendly experience!

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How Do You Know If You Need an Exterminator?

Are rodents, bugs or wild animals disturbing your peace? If there is one thing that everyone fears, it is to find themselves struggling with pests invading their home or business. However, the identification of pests can be hard. Here are some tips to keep in mind when determining what you have to deal with: 

Signs of Rodents

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The most common signs that could indicate that you need assistance from a rat or mouse exterminator include droppings, gnaw marks, rub marks, holes, nests, footprints, and tail marks.

Signs of Bed Bugs

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If you see bugs crawling around, this is a sign that there is an infestation. Other indications could be bed bug faeces, blood stains on your sheets and pillowcases, insect parts, strange scent, and bites.

Signs of Cockroaches

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Although cockroaches are nocturnal and it might be hard to spot them during the day, there are a few things that can indicate you are having a problem. These are roach faeces, oothecae (egg cases) and musty odour.

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For emergency pest control services, call our company right away! We’ll do our best to schedule your pest control service as quickly as possible.

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Our exterminators will do whatever it takes to solve your problem and ensure your complete satisfaction. 

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If you are facing a pest problem but are unsure of how to proceed, contact us. We will guide you through the process and even give you a quote.

“I am so glad to have my home cockroach-free again. My family and I have been stressing over the infestation for almost a month. Thank you for your work. Strongly recommend!”

Laura Peck

“Elvis did a great job. He was very friendly and arrived on time. Since the service, our basement is safe from rodents. Reliable and affordable service with immediate results. Thank you.”

Reese K

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