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Pest extermination is not an easy task. Most people who have experienced an infestation are aware of this entirely. In many cases the pest control services provided by the council are not enough to remove the infestation completely.

When it comes to the local pest exterminator Budin, there are no pests that can get away after the professional service he has to offer. Rat & mice control, bed bug treatment, cockroach control, wildlife control – rely on him to bring you the results you seek!

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Rat and Mice Control Service in Haringey

Rodent infestations are by far the worst to experience according to many people. Besides scary and irritating they can cause huge irreversible damage if not taken care of as early as possible. Our emergency rodent control service in Haringey will bring the invasion to an end – quickly and efficiently!

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Signs of Rats

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In most cases, a rodent infestation is pretty obvious. Look for gnaw marks, damaged furniture, dirt smudges & more. If you feel like you may be dealing with rats or mouses – contact us immediately and let us take care of the nasty rodents!

Initial Visit

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We begin with a detailed inspection of the affected premises, checking up every part of the property. During the survey, we gather all the important details surrounding the infestation and decide the best treatment in order to achieve the best possible results!


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Once we’re done with the survey and have all important details laid down we’re going to provide you with a precise quote and schedule an appropriate date for the service. The local exterminator in Haringey will be fully equipped and ready to tackle any rodent infestation, no matter its size. Rely on us to perform the service using high-end tools and treatment methods.

Our Warranty

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Even after the service, we try to help our clients by providing them with useful tips & recommendations on how to prevent future problems with rodents. If you follow all the recommendations we give you and the infestation still continues or returns within a month, we’ll come back and treat the premises once again – free of charge!

CCTV Drain Survey for Rats in Haringey

It is a common situation to have returning rodent infestations even after a professional treatment. If this happens, it is most likely because the source of the infestation is not treated in the first place. The drainage is home for rats and the main source of never-ending rodent invasions.

In order to finally bring an end to the rat & mouse worries, we use advanced High Definition Push Rod Cameras that give us a complete 360* view of the drainage and easily allow us to spot where exactly the problem is.

Once we determine the main problem we will be able to effectively treat the source and prevent future infestations using advanced equipment and methods. Do not hesitate – get in touch today!

Signs of Cockroaches

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Barely seen through the day, you can say that cockroaches are night owls! They wander around in the late hours feeding off anything they can find. Some signs you may have a problem with these bugs are odd smells, unusual marks & eggshells.


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The local cockroach exterminator in Haringey will perform a survey in the initial visit and inspect the premises carefully, examine very corner and ensure that they are entirely familiar with the infestation at hand. Once they are confident that they know what’s going on, they’ll be ready to bring you the desired results!


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We use only proven treatment methods along with advanced equipment. This is how we guarantee the best possible results for our clients. There is no job that’s too big or too small for us. Whether you’ve seen one cockroach in your house and wish to never see it again, or you’re dealing with an army of bugs – count on us to bring the trouble to an end!


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If within a month, you’re still being bothered by the nasty visitors, the local pest technician in Haringey will visit your property after the initial service to perform a second treatment and ensure that you can enjoy the comfort of your home.

Cockroach Pest Control in Haringey

Cockroaches are not necessarily dangerous, however, they are definitely terrifying. At least for most of us. Stumbling upon one late at night is definitely an unpleasant situation to be in. Nowadays roaches can find their way into any property, whether it’s a home or office. Let us help you protect your house & workspace from cockroach infestations!

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Local Bed Bug Control in Haringey

Sucking blood and disturbing you while sleeping – bed bugs are definitely a no-no. They can be barely seen, but the signs they give off are obvious. If you feel like your dealing with an infestation – be sure to contact us as soon as possible. Our emergency bed bug treatment in Haringey will bring back the comfort of your home and let you freely enjoy a good night sleep.

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Signs of Bed Bugs

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Bites on the body & bloodstains on the sheets – these are the most common signs of bed bugs. Even if you don’t see them but clearly see these signs – it is a good idea to take action. Bed bugs are small in size and can hide pretty well. But they can’t hide from AccuRat!


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Bed bugs are tricky to deal with. Depending on their location and the size of the infestation they require different methods of treatment. Contact our experts and trust them to take care of the entire process from start to finish!


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The consultation will give us a great idea on how to proceed with the actual service. We’ll additionally inspect the premises and decide which treatment will best suit your personal situation. The local bed bug exterminators in Haringey are fully trained & experienced to take care of the job and always come fully equipped to get the job done quickly & efficiently.

Our Warranty

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At AccuRat the bed bug pest control service comes with 2 visits and an additional one month warranty. If the bed bugs come back within a month after the service – we will come back and treat the premises once again.

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