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Looking for a same-day reactive pest control in London?. Choose AccuRAT and get your professional pest exterminator and pest control service with a long warranty after.

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Looking for a reliable and certified commercial pest control provider. Choose AccuRAT and become part of our family, along with many growing and industry-leading businesses in London

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Rest assured that your pest problem will be handled with care. Our pest exterminators will provide a thorough inspection and will carry out pest treatment accordingly.

Are you struggling with pests in your home or business?

Call us today; we can help.

Pests are a common occurrence in London, and the Harrow area has not been spared. You don’t need to fight them alone.

We have many years of experience regarding pests and what it takes to eradicate them quickly and efficiently.

We are trustworthy

Our team consists of the best in the pest control industry, and we are eager to help you take back your home or business.

We are using top-of-the-line products and procedures. You can be rest assured your pest problems are over. We always try to use the most environmentally friendly products and applications.

Steam and heat treatments are popular due to their effectiveness and being kind to the environment.

AccuRAT‘s Approach is Aknowledged by all our Residential and Commercial Return Clients

There isn’t a pest we’re not familiar with

Bed bugs – We have fought many infestations with bed bugs, and these tiny insects are tough. We use steam and heat to eradicate every last one. Bed bugs are an awful pest to have infest your home or business, and they will make your life miserable. Don’t hesitate to call us if you are experiencing a bed bug infestation.

Spiders Not a welcome sight in most homes. Spiders can take over when the weather starts to turn cold. It seems like they head inside in droves. Keeping windows and doors sealed up well will help keep them out, along with peppermint oil. If you are feeling overrun with spiders, we can help.

Woodworms – As the name implies, these little worms will take up residency in any wood you have in or around your house, even the house itself. Be sure to keep wood furniture in good condition, fix any damage to the wood in your home right away, and be sure to thoroughly inspect any new furniture coming into your home or business.

Carpet beetles Eating holes through your furniture, carpets, and any natural fibers found in your home, these beetles can cause a lot of damage to your possessions. Keeping your home clutter-free and vacuuming often, especially in low-traffic areas, will help keep carpet beetles out of your home.

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Moths This is another pest that will destroy your clothing, furniture, and anything made from natural fibers. Keeping your clothes rotated regularly, and vacuuming often are good defences against moths in your home or business. Heat treatment is an excellent option for treatment when it comes to moths.

Other pests we have treated in Harrow are:

  • Cockroaches
  • Squirrels
  • Pigeons
  • Rats and mice
  • Silverfish
  • And so much more

What can you expect from us?

You can expect to be greeted with professionalism and kind, courteous service from your first call to our office until our final assessment of your home or business. We have extensive knowledge of the pests in London and surrounding areas.

Residential pest control

If you find yourself amid a battle with pests in your home, we know how frustrating and unsettling that can be. Our technicians will work diligently to eradicate any pest in your home so you can return to your life pest-free.

Industrial pest control

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    Having an infestation in your business can be devastating. You do not want your reputation tarnished due to an infestation, and you certainly don’t want anyone to become ill due to pests in your business. Our technicians will eradicate the infestation in your business quickly and discreetly so you can get back to what you love.

    What our process looks like

    Every infestation is unique, but we have a six-step process we perform.

    1. Once we have received your call for help, technicians will be out to your home or business as soon as possible.

    2. Our highly trained technician will perform an assessment of your property to determine the extent of the infestation.

    3. We will provide you with a full report of the findings and what treatment is most appropriate.

    4. The treatment will be carried out

    5. Another assessment will be done to ensure the pests have been cleared. If we feel you need another treatment, it will be performed with your permission.

    6. Our last step isn’t necessary, but it is recommended, and that is pest-proofing your home or business for you to deter future pests.

    Signs of Cockroaches

    More Info

    Even though you don’t see them often throughout the day, they go around the house during the late hours, while everybody’s sleeping. Unusual smells, odd marks and eggshells – these are some of the main signs that you might have trouble with roaches. No worries though, we’ll have this sorted out for you!


    More Info
    During the survey, the local cockroach exterminator will gather all important details in regards to the infestation at hand by carefully inspecting the area. With all the information they gather they’d be able to provide a tailored solution for you.


    More Info
    No matter the size of the infestation and how problematic it can be, the experienced exterminator will handle the task with ease and bring you the desired results. The treatments we use are proven and will successfully prevent cockroach infestations for a decent period of time after the service.


    More Info

    Aftercare is also something we cover in our services. If required, the local technician in Shoreditch can visit your property after the service until the infestation is completely removed and you’re not bothered anymore!

    Cockroach Pest Control in Harrow

    Cockroaches can find their way into any property, no matter its location. Whether you’re in Harrow there’s no guarantee that you’re home or business will be cockroach-free at all times. If you think you’re dealing with a roach infestation – act now and contact us today!  

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    Available 'round the Clock

    For emergency pest control in London, same-day call out for mice, rats, bed bugs or cockroaches,  call AccuRAT right away! We cover South London, East London, North London, West London, Romford, Bromley, Watford and all surrounding areas.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Our  pest exterminators will help you with the rodent eradication for your residential home in London and any business or commercial property within London and surrounding area. AccuRAT‘s team solve your pest problem and ensure your pest-free property. 

    Free Consultations

    If you have a pest infestation and not sure if you need either reactive pest treatment, or proactive pest management program, contact AccuRAT. We will guide you through the pest process, give you a bespoke quote and send out our technicians as soon as possible.

    It is necessary to be realistic when it comes to pest control and how many treatments may be needed. If you think we will do one round and be done with your home and business, you may be surprised to learn it can take several treatments to eradicate an infestation completely.

    Some pests can be very challenging to treat and are able to move quickly out of the way and hide in hard-to-reach areas. Our technicians will be very thorough with each treatment, and every pest in your home or business will be exterminated.

    Can I treat them myself?

    A lot of people try to treat pests on their own, some are successful, and some end up needing professional help.

    If a pest is left too long in your home or business, you may be facing some serious consequences. Depending on what you are being infested with, you may experience significant damage to your property. You may experience damage to the foundation of your home or business or other structural damage, and you may even be at risk for a fire if rodents are running amuck on your property.

    Another big concern with not treating pests quickly or on your own is the diseases they spread. You, your family, and anyone who comes into your business are at risk of becoming infected with any number of illnesses that pests spread around.

    While it may be tempting to wait it out or treat an infestation on your own, it’s not advisable. You may be making it worse by spreading out the infestation.

    Contact us today if you need help to gain control and exterminate a pest problem plaguing your home or business; you don’t have to do it alone.

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    Area Page - Harrow AccuRat

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