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Rest assured that your pest problem will be handled with care. Our pest exterminators will provide a thorough inspection and will carry out pest treatment accordingly.

Are you experiencing a pest problem in your Kingston Upon Thames home or business?

Call us today; we have experienced pest control technicians eager to rid your property of pests.

Having an infestation of any kind can leave you feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, and exhausted.

You don’t have to handle them on your own.

Why trust us?

We are a team of highly trained pest control technicians. We have many years of experience controlling, preventing, and exterminating pests in London and surrounding areas, including Kingston Upon Thames.

AccuRAT‘s Approach is Aknowledged by all our Residential and Commercial Return Clients

We strive to use the most environmentally friendly approach possible to treat infestations. Using top-of-the-line products and application techniques, you can rest assured your home or business is in good hands.

Heat treatments are a popular treatment with our technicians. Heat is excellent for treating a variety of pests without any toxic residue left behind, and it is gentle in the environment. We do offer other services as well. Call us today to determine what treatments are needed for your unique infestation.

Full range of pest control, prevention, and extermination

We have been serving the London area for years and are very familiar with the local pests. Kingston Upon Thames is no exception to these pest problems. We know what we are up against and what treatments will see the most success quickly.

Rodents – Rats and mice are an ongoing problem and can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. If not treated quickly, rodents can destroy your home’s foundation, damage important structural aspects of your property, and invade just about everywhere. Rodents are known to spread disease and can even cause house fires.

Cockroaches – If you come across one cockroach in your home or business, you can be sure there are already thousands living in your walls. These pests move into a property fast and contaminate everything they touch. Our technicians are very familiar with cockroaches and exterminating their colonies.

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Bed bugs – These little blood-sucking pests can be very challenging to eradicate from your home or business. They are quick on their feet, masters at hiding, and can build tolerances up to insecticides. We utilize heat treatments for bed bugs, and it is effective, it will get the entire infestation in a treatment or two.

Pigeons – It is lovely to watch pigeons in the park, maybe even throw them some food and watch them peck away. However, they can quickly become a nightmare if they decide your home or business looks like a good spot for a nest. They can bring bird mites with them, damage your roof, and leave droppings on everything. We have tried and true measures to make your property less appealing to pigeons and have them move on.

Moths – While moths may not seem like a big deal until they invade your wardrobe, cupboards, and pantry. If you notice small holes in your clothing, linen, curtains, or furniture and see webbing in your dry goods, you may have a moth infestation that is already well established. Killing the moth itself won’t do any good; the larvae are causing the damage. This is another pest that is treated effectively with heat. Our technicians are very familiar with moth extermination and will have your home pest-free quickly.

Other pests we treat are: 

If you’re experiencing an infestation with any of the pests listed above or another we didn’t mention, call us, and we can help restore peace to your home or business.

What can you expect from us?

From your first call to our office, you can expect to be treated with respect and compassion. We will work diligently to eradicate pests from your home or business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Services we have available are:

  • Emergency appointments
  • Aftercare services
  • Prevention consultations

Our process is straightforward and sticks to the same six steps

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AccuRAT will deliver professional service from your first call all the way to the end. You can expect:

1. After reaching out to us, we will book an appointment for your home or business as quickly as possible.

2. One of our highly trained technicians will assess your property and develop a treatment plan.

3. You will receive a full report on what was found, how extensive the infestation is, and what treatment is needed. Sometimes an infestation will need several rounds of treatment, and if this is the case for your property, the technician will let you know what is required and how long it should take.

4. The treatment discussed will be performed.

5. Another assessment will be performed to determine if further treatment is necessary.

6. This last step is not necessary but is recommended. We can provide pest prevention to deter future pests.

Signs of Cockroaches

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Even though you don’t see them often throughout the day, they go around the house during the late hours, while everybody’s sleeping. Unusual smells, odd marks and eggshells – these are some of the main signs that you might have trouble with roaches. No worries though, we’ll have this sorted out for you!


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During the survey, the local cockroach exterminator will gather all important details in regards to the infestation at hand by carefully inspecting the area. With all the information they gather they’d be able to provide a tailored solution for you.


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No matter the size of the infestation and how problematic it can be, the experienced exterminator will handle the task with ease and bring you the desired results. The treatments we use are proven and will successfully prevent cockroach infestations for a decent period of time after the service.


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Aftercare is also something we cover in our services. If required, the local technician in Shoreditch can visit your property after the service until the infestation is completely removed and you’re not bothered anymore!

Cockroach Pest Control in Kingston Upon Thames

Cockroaches can find their way into any property, no matter its location. Whether you’re in Kingston Upon Thames there’s no guarantee that you’re home or business will be cockroach-free at all times. If you think you’re dealing with a roach infestation – act now and contact us today!  

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Available 'round the Clock

For emergency pest control in London, same-day call out for mice, rats, bed bugs or cockroaches,  call AccuRAT right away! We cover South London, East London, North London, West London, Romford, Bromley, Watford and all surrounding areas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our  pest exterminators will help you with the rodent eradication for your residential home in London and any business or commercial property within London and surrounding area. AccuRAT‘s team solve your pest problem and ensure your pest-free property. 

Free Consultations

If you have a pest infestation and not sure if you need either reactive pest treatment, or proactive pest management program, contact AccuRAT. We will guide you through the pest process, give you a bespoke quote and send out our technicians as soon as possible.

Are pests that big of a threat?


Depending on the pest will vary with what you are in danger of. Some pests will destroy your property and possessions, and while other pests can spread disease, cause allergies, and aggravate breathing problems. Then, of course, there are the pests that do both.

Some illnesses that pests can spread are Salmonella, E. Coli, Hantavirus, Staph infections, and Gastroparesis. People who have allergies can have bad reactions to pests in the home. Some pests can drastically reduce air quality in the home or business, and people with breathing problems can experience worsening symptoms. Cockroaches are known to trigger asthma attacks, and dust mites are infamous for lowering air quality significantly.

The damage that can be done to your property can range from having to replace entire wardrobes, furniture, food supplies to having to fix structural damage to your home or business, whether its damage to the foundation, structural beams, or the roof these are not cheap to fix, and can be significant if not treated in time.

Having pests in your home or business can be stressful. Let us help to reduce your stress levels and eradicate any infestations quickly and efficiently.

Call us today for help with any pests you may be struggling with.

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