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Rest assured that your pest problem will be handled with care. Our pest exterminators will provide a thorough inspection and will carry out pest treatment accordingly.

Contact us today if you are experiencing a pest problem in your home or business and want them gone as quickly as possible.

One of our exterminators will visit your home as soon as possible to determine the extent of your infestation and start implementing treatment.

We are safe and effective pest control, prevention, and extermination service serving the residents of Sutton.

A wide variety of pests have long plagued London and all the boroughs. If you live in the borough of Sutton, we have battled many pests in the area and are familiar with all the local pests.

Why trust us?

Our team consists of highly trained professionals with one goal in mind, to rid your home or business of pests in the safest and most effective ways possible.

AccuRAT‘s Approach is Aknowledged by all our Residential and Commercial Return Clients

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It is easy and common for pests to overwhelm home and business owners. These pests can be relentless, but so are we. We can help eradicate a variety of pests from your home or business, such as:


And so much more


Bees and wasps – Having bees and wasps take over your garden can ruin your summer. If you find that you’re having to dodge these stinging pests while trying to enjoy your outdoor space, it may be time to call in the professionals. We are well equipped to remove bees and wasps so you can enjoy your garden once again.

Local pests we often see in Sutton

This list is not an exhaustive list of pests found in Sutton, but it is the most common offender we see. If you are experiencing a pest problem with something not found on this list, don’t hesitate to call, we can handle them.

Bed bugs – These nocturnal blood-sucking insects are awful, and you will need professional intervention. Bed bugs aren’t a pest that spreads disease, but they feed on people—leaving you with itchy red welts and possible fear of falling asleep. Bed bugs are one of the more challenging pests to treat, and they are great at hiding and can move around very quickly. Using a combination of heat and steam will ensure that all the bugs are exterminated, and you won’t have a reinfestation.

Cockroaches – A pest worldwide, cockroaches are very prevalent. If you find one in your home or business, you already have an infestation. Cockroaches are nocturnal and go undetected for long periods, giving them time to infest your home or business without you knowing. We are very familiar with cockroaches and will exterminate them as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Rodents – Whether it’s rats, mice, or squirrels, a rodent problem is never good news. Rodents can cause serious damage to your property and pose risks to your health. A few significant concerns with rodents are constant gnawing; rodents are a common cause of house fires. They can also cause serious damage to the foundation and structure of your building. Our technicians have eradicated many rodent problems over the years and are eager to help you rid your property of these destructive pests.

Spiders – Finding an increase in spiders in your home or business is never a welcome sight. Some spiders are venomous to humans and can leave you feeling unsettled if they have taken over your property in large numbers. Having a professional pest service for spider removal will help clear up an infestation quickly.

If you find yourself amid an infestation of a pest not mentioned above, don’t hesitate to call. We can help you no matter the pest.

You can expect professional service from your first call

You will find we provide:

  • Fast, friendly, and courteous service
  • Emergency appointments available
  • Environmentally friendly products and applications used
  • Aftercare services
  • Pest-proofing consultations

Our treatment process

We take pride in delivering the best pest control service possible. You will be treated with professionalism and respect from your first phone call. We will put our knowledge of pests to work and regain control of your home or business.

Our technicians are highly trained and genuinely care about the health and safety of you, your family, and anyone who comes into your business. There isn’t a pest they haven’t seen in the Sutton area.

Area Page - Sutton AccuRat
Area Page - Sutton AccuRat

AccuRAT will deliver professional service from your first call all the way to the end. You can expect:

1. After your initial phone call, an appointment will be set for one of our technicians to visit your home or business.

2. An assessment will be done on your property to determine the extent of the infestation and what treatment would be the most effective.

3. You will receive a full report of what was found and expected from the treatment process.

4. The treatment will be carried out

5. Another assessment is done. If the technician determines that the pests have not been eradicated, another treatment will be carried out.

6. We can pest-proof your home or business to deter any future infestations if you wish.

Signs of Cockroaches

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Even though you don’t see them often throughout the day, they go around the house during the late hours, while everybody’s sleeping. Unusual smells, odd marks and eggshells – these are some of the main signs that you might have trouble with roaches. No worries though, we’ll have this sorted out for you!


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During the survey, the local cockroach exterminator will gather all important details in regards to the infestation at hand by carefully inspecting the area. With all the information they gather they’d be able to provide a tailored solution for you.


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No matter the size of the infestation and how problematic it can be, the experienced exterminator will handle the task with ease and bring you the desired results. The treatments we use are proven and will successfully prevent cockroach infestations for a decent period of time after the service.


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Aftercare is also something we cover in our services. If required, the local technician in Shoreditch can visit your property after the service until the infestation is completely removed and you’re not bothered anymore!

Cockroach Pest Control in Sutton

Cockroaches can find their way into any property, no matter its location. Whether you’re in Sutton there’s no guarantee that you’re home or business will be cockroach-free at all times. If you think you’re dealing with a roach infestation – act now and contact us today!  

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Available 'round the Clock

For emergency pest control in London, same-day call out for mice, rats, bed bugs or cockroaches,  call AccuRAT right away! We cover South London, East London, North London, West London, Romford, Bromley, Watford and all surrounding areas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our  pest exterminators will help you with the rodent eradication for your residential home in London and any business or commercial property within London and surrounding area. AccuRAT‘s team solve your pest problem and ensure your pest-free property. 

Free Consultations

If you have a pest infestation and not sure if you need either reactive pest treatment, or proactive pest management program, contact AccuRAT. We will guide you through the pest process, give you a bespoke quote and send out our technicians as soon as possible.

Are pests that big of a threat?


Pests are known to carry diseases like Salmonella, Gastroenteritis, E. Coli and cause Staph infections. Some pests don’t even have to bite or sting you to make you ill.

Cockroaches, for example, are covered in bacteria, and anything they touch or crawl over will be contaminated with those bacteria.

Pests are also known to cause extensive damage to your property, inside and out. You may find yourself with a hefty building repair bill or having to replace your possessions.

Can I treat the infestation myself?

Many people have tried to treat infestations on their own and need a professional pest control service to come in and eradicate the pests.

Every pest has its quirks, and if you are not familiar with effective treatments, you may be making the problem worse and end up in a vicious cycle of treating the pests and having a reinfestation a week or later.

 Call us today if you live in the Sutton area and need pest services.

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