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guide to tell if you have bed bugs

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Identification of a bug infestation is not always easy. Many people than you know complain of bed bug bites and/or itchiness without seeing not a single insect pest. Many times clients mistake these symptoms for a dust mites infestation.

That is why within signs of irritation you need to call a professional for a thorough examination of your property. AccuRat Pest Solutions has technicians all around London ready to help out as soon as possible.

We understand the grief these pests can cause and that is why we will provide you with the AccuRAT solution to your problem and deal with it accordingly more so we will back our work with a warranty.

As one of the leading pest control companies, our team of bed bug specialists understand the stress of the bed bug problem and are at hand to provide you with advice and guide you to total eradicate bed bug bugs eradication once and for all.

What You Can Do Right Now to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in your Property

Bed bugs get their name from the simple fact that they are usually found in close proximity to beds. Blood stains on sheets and pillowcases, bites, and dead bugs are all warning signs that you are dealing with an infestation.

Bed bugs have been on the increase for decades because of our increasing use of air travel and growing numbers of bed and breakfasts, hostels and shared accommodation. Not only travels can get them around, though. You can easily find them on second hand furniture as well.

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Due to the wide spreading and need of treatments, they have developed a tolerance to some pesticides. They are more likely to occur in multi-occupancy buildings, or places with fast turnover of tenants, and they feed on human blood. If you are suffering from bed bugs it is always a good idea to get a professional in quickly, as they are stubborn and difficult to eradicate.

If you are in this situation, call us. We can offer you powerful bug treatments that eliminate bed bugs and despite other bug companies, we back it up with a warranty. Our knowledgable and experienced pest technicians in London will provide a long-term solution to your residential or commercial property. 

How Our Bed Bug Solutions Work 

Our teams for bed bug control in London have gathered immense experience & knowledge throughout the years. Our team understands the nature of the insects and their habits and they know how to take care of them, no matter the size & condition of the infestation.

That being said, we highly recommend contacting us as early as possible at the beginning of the bed bug invasion. The sooner the infected areas are treated, the quicker it will be to take control of the infestation.

Whether it’s your business property or your own home – we know how difficult it can be to get rid of the bed bugs entirely. We use advanced technology and treatment methods to ensure the best possible service for you!

Our pest experts work quickly and effectively with as little disruption as possible. All our services come with an long-term warranty!

Contact  us and we will send one of our local bed bug exterminators and get help right away. We will customise a treatment that will give spectacular results.


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If you think you might have bugs and need a bed bug treatment, contact our professionals and schedule an inspection. Once we complete it, we will give you more information about the bugs and how to effectively get rid of them.


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We know how to kill bed bugs. We offer solutions such as heat or steam treatments which are fast, effective, and non-toxic. The insecticide treatment is performed in 2 visits.

Our bed bug exterminators knows how to determine the severity of the problem and will suggest the most appropriate solution. Our treatments include bed bug heat treatment as well as professional chemical spray applications and non-toxic approach if possible.

Our Guarantee

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Our experts will customise a bed bug pest control treatment for your needs to quickly and safely eliminate bugs from your home. If you find bugs in the treated areas within the next 30 days, we will perform further treatment at no addition cost.

Find out more about our Heat Treatment

All bed bug stages are extremely sensitive to heat and can be killed when exposed to high temperatures. Specialised equipment is used to heat up the treated areas above 50 degrees and can take from 3 to 8 hours depending on the number of rooms that are being treated.

Heat treatment is the most successful treatment giving you 100% guarantee of elimination in one day killing bed bugs and insects alike in all of their stages.


Learn more about our steam treatment as alternative non-toxic bed bug solution

This is a more concentrated treatment for any surface areas like your mattress, bed frame, skirting board etc,  targeting bed bug eggs and nymphs specifically. It can also be used on clothes or fabrics. 

A hot steam is directed at a flat surface like a mattress, your couch, or clothing burning any insect it comes into contact with. When doing this method of treatment it can be very time consuming and it does not have a residual effect. For maximum effectiveness some chemical spraying might be done as well to provide total eradication.

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steam treatment service

Portable Heat Treatments for infested furniture

Non-toxic and completely safe method commonly used when treating couches, beds, tables, chairs, shoes, books, files, papers, clothes, bedding and more. No matter if you are looking for a residential or commercial, we are here for you. 

Oftentimes than not, after buying more than one second hand furniture clients fear there is a chance they might be infested. Even after travelling, having too many clothes to wash to prevent the spread  call us to have this exact treatment to make sure you don’t give a chance for any insect infestation to develop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a bed bug infestation occur in the first place?

When it comes to bed bugs, often they develop in unsanitary conditions. Changing your sheets regularly will definitely assist with reducing the chances of such infestations. That being said, these insects can be carried from one property to another through furniture and luggage.

How do I know if I need the help of a professional?

As experts, we definitely recommend seeking professional assistance the moment you spot any signs of bed bug infestation. Shed skins, faecal spots, blood spots – these are some of the most common signs to consider.

How many exterminators perform the bed bug treatment?

It all depends on the volume of work and the type of service. We usually send one specialist or a team of two.

Do you work on weekends as well?

Yes we do. Pest control often requires emergency measures and we’re here for you to rely on every day of the week!

What’s the best way to handle a heavy bed bug infestation?

Bed bugs can be really stubborn. If you’re dealing with a serious invasion, we strongly recommend scheduling our specialised bed bug heat treatment, which is known to quickly erase 100% of bed bugs, including their eggs and larvae.

How long does it take to completely get rid of the bugs?

To give an exact answer, we’d need to examine the premises. It really depends on the size of the infestation and the type of method we’ll use. Bed bug eggs are known to hatch about two weeks apart, this is where our 1-month warranty will ensure that you’re not bothered by the pests.

Where do bed bugs hide?

The most common hiding places are beds – mattresses, bed frames, headboards, bedding, etc. They can also be found in rugs, carpets, and deep in your upholstery.

How can I book bed bug treatment?

To book your professional pest control service just give us a call. You can also contact us by using our email address or online contact form.

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