100% Effective Heat Treatment in London

Professional Heat Eradication with Long Warranty

100% Effective Heat Treatment London AccuRat
100% Effective Heat Treatment London AccuRat
100% Effective Heat Treatment London AccuRat
100% Effective Heat Treatment London AccuRat
100% Effective Heat Treatment London AccuRat
100% Effective Heat Treatment London AccuRat

How The Heat Treatment Works

The heat treatment is one of the best ways to eliminate an infestation entirely in a single day. Heating a particular area at around 60°C makes bed bugs, at any stage of their life, unable to survive. This advanced technology allows our certified heat treatment professionals to properly eradicate the insects no matter where they’re located – luggage, bed frames, walls, power sockets – the bed bug heat treatment will get rid of the infestation successfully.

Each service is personally tailored to the needs of each client. Every situation is different and we do our best to personalize our procedures in order to bring the best possible results. That being said, there is a specific way the heat treatment actually works: Our bed bug pest control specialists utilize a cutting-edge industrial heating system that recycles the heated air inside the property, through the intake port, over the coils, and out into the treatment area.

Each time the air passes through the heater, it produces higher temperatures. When properly applied, heaters provide 100% kill for bed bugs and insects alike.

Contact us and speak with our representative regarding our Steam Treatment Service as an alternative or addition. We are here to help.

Eco-Friendly Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs and Other Insects

There are many methods that could be used to eradicate bed bug and insect infestations. However, bugs these days are more resistant to the traditional treatments than ever.

This is where technology comes in handy. With the help of industrial heat machines, our exterminators kill beg bugs within one visit!


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From the initial call we will need to book an inspection which will provide us with the required information and the treatment we will need to use. We will then arrange a date ad time suitable for you for us to come and get the job done.


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Heat is known to be a very effective insect eradicator and it can be used in many different ways to treat infestations. The service is environmentally-friendly and chemical-free. We need to come just once so you can enjoy great results.


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Before the procedure we will recommend you to be out of the property for at least 24 hours so you can return to a fresh, bug-free home or office. We will then explain everything you need to know about aftercare and give you a 1-month warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bed bug heat treatment toxic?

The heat treatment procedure is 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic. In fact, there are no insecticides used in this type of treatment, only the use of heat.

How come this treatment is the most effective against bed bugs?

It is a well-known fact in the industry that bed bugs develop resistance to insecticides. However, when it comes to heat treatment, bed bugs are unable to survive it, given that the temperature is high enough. Besides, such treatment will get rid of bed bugs, even if you’re not 100% sure where their hiding place is.

Can I stay in the house during the heat treatment?

It is definitely not recommended to be in the room that is being treated, as the temperature rises and reaches unbearable levels. After the actual treatment, however, you’ll be able to enter the room with no problem at all.

Can the infestation continue after the heat treatment?

Not really. Heat entirely eliminates the bed bugs, no matter their stage of life. From eggs to adults, this procedure will successfully get rid of the infestation.

How can I book this advanced bed bug treatment?

You can schedule your heat treatment by using our contact form. Alternatively, you can give us a call or send us an email.

How many experts will attend the service?

Depending on the volume of work we expect, we can send one or two professional bed bug exterminators.

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100% Effective Heat Treatment London AccuRat


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100% Effective Heat Treatment London AccuRat

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100% Effective Heat Treatment London AccuRat

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