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Pigeons, doves, and other birds can become a real nuisance. It is not the mess and noise they make; they can also damage your property by dislodging shingles, blocking gutters, and leave unsightly droppings.

Birds are also a health hazard because they carry and spread diseases. If you are based in or around London and need help eradicating pigeons, get in touch with our pest control company.

What We Do for Our Clients 

Our pest control specialists are experienced in dealing with pest birds. They put into use cost-effective methods of bird control that will not harm the birds or disrupt your everyday life.  Here is our process:


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If you need help to identify a bird problem, contact one of our avian specialists. They will discuss the most common signs of an infestation and help you plan your next move.


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We use a few methods to keep birds at bay, including netting, installation of post systems for attaching wires, installing spikes, and other solutions. We also carry out drone surveys prior the bird prevention and proofing service.

Our Guarantee

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If you decide to benefit ftom our effective bird control solutions, you are guaranteed to get satisfactory results. We will give you free advice on how to discourage nuisance birds from nesting on your property and more. Also, we give a 1-year warranty on all our work.

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