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Protect your drainage from rodents

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How Do You Know If You Have Rats in the Premises?

With the drainage considered as a motorway for the rats, you can easily find yourself in the middle of an ongoing infestation. They can often be heard scratching behind the walls, scrabbling around in the ceilings and cavities.

Some droppings and contaminated chewed packs with food might be seen as well. But initially, the problem has started from the sewers where over 70% of the pipes are over 100 years old.

What is Drain Survey And How Does it Work?

CCTV drain survey is one of the most advanced rodent control procedures that digs deep into the source of the infestation and allows the professional pest exterminators to effective prevent further rat & mice infestations!

We inspect your drainage system by inserting High Definition Push Rod Cameras into your drains. They are sending a live-feed, giving your drainage engineer a 360* view of the pipes, so that he can identify any issues that might be helping any rodents invading your premises.

Initial Visit

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During the initial visit, we will conduct a detailed inspection of your drain using our specialised cameras. We will openly discuss with you the condition of your drainage and further suggest how we should proceed.


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Once we have identified and located the problem, i.e. either broken or collapsed pipe, or old redundant pipes that haven’t been capped off, we will be in a position to offer you a solution. Our qualified technicians can maintain works from patching the damaged pipes to lifting floorboards in order to reach cavities and confined spaces near the foundations.

Additional Details

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A Full Drain Report will be issued between 2 and 5 days after completing the Survey unless agreed otherwise.

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