How can you tell if u have bed bugs?

Before you call the local bed bug heat treatment London technicians make sure your suspicions are valid and justified.

Of course, no London bed bug experts will decline to make a quick check of your property to see if, indeed, you’ve got a problem. In all cases, a pest control treatment is undertaken only after an assurance that your house is really infested.

Stay with us to get more details and guides that will help you realize whether you have bed bugs or a false alarm last night when you did not sleep well or felt something weird happen in your own bed.

What are the bed bugs anyway?

Bed bugs control in London is among the most common pest control service of all time. According to the specialists, this pest type is widespread. It can be detected in the UK and literally in any house from all around the world.

This means that they are not typical types of pests for a specific region, climate, or environment. On the contrary, they are pretty adjustable to different conditions and can appear in any living space.

As a whole, bed bugs are tiny domestic insects. It’s almost impossible for them to survive in the harsh outer conditions for a long time. Hence, bed bugs can be carried out from one in-house area to another without any problem.

The tiny size of the bed bugs is literally the hugest issue that reduces the chance for an ordinary homeowner to deal with them without using the assistance of the expert bug fumigation London. On the other side, they look similar to a common bug – with an oval body and reddish-brown color.

This nuance gets different once they get fed. They become red, and they look a bit bigger. As you can think, the red color is since bed bugs nourish with blood. In many cases, with your blood!

Bed bug habits and behavior

Bed bugs treatment London specialists are so successful in exterminating this pest type mainly because they know how they act, what they usually do and what they are afraid of.

In other words, the easiest way to get to see the bed bugs is by understanding their behavior and habits. The name of these insects speaks of itself. They love and prefer living around the human’s bad.

They don’t fly, but they can easily attach to textiles, furniture pieces, and other home items to move from one location to another.

This is why the professional bed bug fumigation London companies provide the so-called emergency service for quick pest prevention when a person buys second-hand furniture or comes back from a trip.

Bed bugs keep on the move, and during their “tours,” the females don’t stop laying hundreds of eggs over a lifetime. What’s even more disturbing is that the bed bug egg is even tinier and more impossible to see with a naked eye.

One egg is of a speck of dust size. Here’s another reason to pay the insect heat treatment London cost: it is a way to thoroughly remove the pest infestation even when some pieces of it are unseen and untracked. 


Top sings that tell you to have bed bugs at home

By all means, a bed bug specialist in London is the right person who can confirm your house is infested. However, some alarming signals might help you to see them, too. Here are the signs that clearly show you have to call the local pest treatment London experts:

  • Itching on the skin – the main symptom on your own body is that you have a bug infestation. These insects feed on your blood by biting you. As a result of this, the epidermis gets irritated. Usually, the affected skin zone is not painful but quite itching. You should also know that bleeding can appear if you scratch your skin too harshly.

If your itching has been torturing you for a really long time and you yet haven’t called a Pest Control Company for help, the insects might cause you a severe infection. Unfortunately, it can turn into a serious health problem as the bed bugs quickly spread different diseases.


How to tell if u have bed bugs?


  • Common spots and stains in your bed zone. They can appear on your bed linen, the pillow, the blanket, and even on the mattress or the headboard. When being smashed, the bed bugs leave dirt as their tiny stomachs are filled with blood from your own body.

    The spot nuance is not exactly red but rust. If you see such stains all over your bed, don’t waste time and pay the bed bug heat treatment London cost to protect your family and your health as soon as possible.

  • A bed bug specialist in London can even smell the infestation! Yes, as a matter of fact, a bed bug invasion can be sensed by your own nose. The odor reminds me of the most typical of an old wet tower left to soak in the humidity on a closed premise. The infestation smells are related to the pheromones released by the insects. The more serious the infestation is, the more complex the scent is. And the more urgent the call to the bed bug specialist in London becomes.
  • Speaking of emergency situations, if you indeed postponed the moment to rely on the bed bugs treatment London experts the invasion might take a vast size. In this case, it is very possible for you to start seeing the bugs in your bed, the upholstery, and even the home rugs. The bed bugs become so many that no matter how small they are they can be spotted with a naked eye.

If you see these signs at home, your suspicion is correct: you’ve been infested. Even though you are still in doubt, take the first step to deal with the situation by calling the pest specialists in London. In the bed bug heat treatment, London costsа a preliminary visit by the professional team is included.

The technicians will quickly and expertly inspect your property to make sure you do have a pest problem. It’s only then they will appoint the right solution, such as affordable bug heat treatment in London or an application of a specially tailored bed bug spray in London for non-toxic chemical extermination.

We remind you that our company is available for your calls, consultations, and inspections every day. We work 365 days per year with no exclusion for weekends or bank holidays. Don’t hesitate to rely on us when it comes to a low bed bug heat treatment London cost that will restore your healthy and pleasant living space conditions! 


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