How Rats Enter Your Property Through the Drains?

The Importance of CCTV Drain Surveys


 Discovering that your home or your business has a rat infestation can be devastating. If you live in London, this is a problem that you may face. It is not uncommon for rats to travel through the London sewer network to your home or business.

Not only is finding a rat enough to give you goosebumps, but those critters can pose a severe risk to your health, remember the plague. Both mice and rats can cause some serious damage to your London property.

Many people don’t realize that when they have a rat infestation and generally rats under the house or rats under the floorboards, they need to go under their homes and explore the drainage system for entry points. Killing rats or attract them to snap traps with peanut butter would not be considered a long-term pest control solution.

no matter if you are a home buyer, homeowner, renter or landlord -most likely you don’t have the knowledge or the equipment to track down the entry points of the London rats, to seal them up and prevent any future rat infestations. Calling in a rat control service would be your best option to ensure you rid your home or business of the rat problem for good.

How did the rats get in the drain?


The sewage system is the ideal spot for rats to live and travel. They are dark, safe and can lead to homes and businesses full of yummy food for them. Rats can shrink themselves down to get into pipes that have cracks or holes in them, especially if they smell food.

You may not see a rat, but they will leave clues behind that they are setting themselves up a nice cozy home in your home or business. The biggest tell-tale sign of a rat problem is rat droppings, as well as chewed papers and wires, and you may even hear them squeaking or scurrying around in your walls. Don’t get fooled that stacking wire wool in the small holes will help you to stop rats enter your house.

Inspecting drains and pipes

Ensuring your drains and pipes are in good working order with no cracks or holes will be your biggest defense against rats gaining access points to your home or business. Performing routine CCTV drainage surveys will help to find any damage before it becomes a problem.

However, if you’re not able to find any damage to your pipes or drains but are having issues with rats, it may be time to call in a specialist.

Calling a professional to perform a CCTV drain survey will give you a very clear picture of hard-to-reach drains and pipes. A certified drainage company should be able to provide a thorough survey report with information regarding drainage issues, collapsed drains, blocked drains as well as advise on any drain services, drainage problems, drain repairs. They will be able to demonstrate how the rat blockers a.k.a rat flaps work on preventing rats from entering the property inspected.

Basically, a CCTV drain survey uses a device with a CCTV camera attached to a flexible and robust cable to snake through your pipes. Live streaming video is helping the certified professionals to find any damaged areas and entry points for the rodents.

The camera will give a clear picture of any cracks or holes that the rats are using to get into the pipes and into your home. A CCTV drain survey is an excellent way to examine the pipes and drains in your home and business.

Who is responsible for treating a rat infestation?

If you are renting your property in London, whether for business or a house to live in, and you have rats running due to disrepair, it is the landlord’s responsibility to have the problem addressed. It is the landlord’s responsibility to repair and maintain the property. Suppose it is determined that rats have gained access to the property through the damage done to the property. In that case, the landlord must pay for pest control services to rid the property of the pest problem and repair any damages.

However, if the rat infestation was caused by the state that the tenants keep the home or business in, it is up to the renters to pay for pest control. Some factors in attracting rats to your rental property are:

·      Leaving food out

·      Not cleaning the property properly

·      Excessive clutter in and around the property

·      Incorrectly disposing of garbage or letting garbage pile up in or outside the property

How rats are related to drains in UK? AccuRat

One of the most effective methods to stop rats from gaining access to your home or business through your drains is to have a protective guard over any openings of external drains. Installing a protective guard to a pipe opening will stop rats from squeezing into the pipe and gaining access to your property.

Having a specialist assess your property and provide the best preventative measures would be a good idea.

You could also have a sewage drain flap or also called rat valve installed to the end of your pipes, which will allow waste to pass through but close up and stop any rodents from entering your home.

Your toilet bowl is another entry point for rats. Closing the toilet lid will stop them from entering your home or business. Imagine the shock if you lift the toilet lid to find a rat swimming in the toilet bowl, though.

Swimming through a toilet pipe is an easy task for a rat determined to gain entry to your property. Having a non-return valve installed will stop the rodents from swimming up your toilet and into your home or business.

Another thing to consider when trying to get rid of rats is to keep your food sources in containers and cleaned them up to prevent the smell from attracting any rats or other pests. Feeding your animals outside, not to mention bird feeders, is another factor in attracting rats. They will be attracted to your pet’s food and may enter your drains looking for more food.

Having rats in London enter your home or business through your drains is common. Dealing with the problem quickly and efficiently is your best defense. Contacting AccuRat will ensure you, your family or your customers don’t get sick, and the damage is limited to your property only. Calling in a specialist to perform a CCTV drain survey is your best bet to find the entry points and have them sealed up properly. 

How rats are related to drains in UK? AccuRat

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