How to Get Rid of Pigeons From your Home and Garden

If you have pigeons in, on, or around your home, you must act fast to get rid of them. While pigeons are great to feed in the park, they are a pest to have at your home. This is why to see pigeon proofing in London is something absolutely common. Feral pigeons in urban areas cause damage, spread disease, inhabit bird mites, and be a general nuisance to any homeowner.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons From your Home and Garden AccuRat

Some problems having pigeons in your home and garden can cause are: 

  • Diseases:
    Pigeons are vermin, and they do pose a risk of transmitting diseases such as histoplasmosis, psittacosis, and Cryptococcus. These diseases can be life-threatening to some people.
  • Food contamination:
    Pigeons can contaminate the food that is meant for human or livestock consumption.
  • Slip risks:
    Pigeon droppings can be slippery, and if your property is being covered in bird poo, that can make for very slippery conditions.
  • Damage to buildings:
    Pigeon droppings are incredibly acidic and can damage your home, car, solar panels, sheds; basically, anything it lands on.
  • Blocked gutters:
    Pigeons like to build nests in gutters and downpipes, which can cause water backups, flooding, and other water damages to your property.
  • Fire risk:
    If they build pigeon nests in your chimney, this can lead to a severe fire risk.

Listed below are ten methods you can use to get rid of a current pigeon problem. You can also use these methods to prevent pigeons from building nests in the first place.

1.Install bird spikes

Installing pigeon spikes as a bird control anywhere on your home or property that pigeons are building their nests will quickly deter them from setting up their homes. Any draft-free areas, flat pipe surfaces, redundant holes in the external walls might become a home for the pigeons in London. Making it uncomfortable or impossible to nest, the pigeons will move onto a more hospitable area to roost.

  1. Install posts-wire system or use weatherproof string

Fixing posts for wire system a few inches above the surface of favorite roosting spots will deter the pigeons from building nests. The string will make it hard for the pigeons to keep their balance, the vibrations will annoy them and make that spot unattractive to build a nest.

3. Using a fake bird of prey

Also known as scare pigeons, adding a lifelike raptor or owl, raven, or similar to your home or garden will help scare off pigeons. You will want to move it around every few days, or the pigeons will catch on and lose their fear of your fake bird.


4. Use an ultrasound pigeon repellent

Domestic pigeons have a keen sense of hearing, and installing an ultrasound repeller will make your home and garden unpleasant to be in for them. You can find various sound repellent devices, some will sound like predators to the pigeons, and some you can get will put out a sound you can’t hear but is very irritating to the pigeons.

  1. Seal off entry points

Take a walk around your house and look for any entry points that pigeons may find and make a nest. Sealing off these entry points will stop the pigeons from entering your home and will encourage them to find somewhere else to build their nests. Checking for new holes and missing roof tiles outside your home and bird proofing them immediately will make a big difference to deter pigeons. The use of galvanised steel mesh will do a perfect job in your DIY pigeon proofing services.

  1. Install netting

Covering your garden with bird netting will cut off the pigeon’s access to food from your garden and make them look elsewhere to eat. Installing the net at least 6 inches away from the longest branch on your tree or shrubs will ensure the pigeons can’t reach in and grab anything.

Living in a block of flats or, at least, having a balcony has its own disadvantages as the pigeons can easily disrupt your morning coffee sitting area and contaminate it with bird fouling. Professional pest control might be required here as of the building regulations and the quality of the works to be carried out.

  1. Install a cap on your chimney

Chimneys and birds nesting is a popular combination. Having a cap installed on your chimney will make it impossible for a pigeon to build a nest, deterring them away from your home.

  1. Eliminate food sources

As mentioned above, covering your garden with a net will stop the pigeons from accessing the food in your garden. You will also need to remove any bird feeders, pet food and keep your garbage bins tidy and locked up. Pigeons have good memories, and if you have a food source, they will remember and continue to return to the food source.

  1. Install reflective surfaces

Installing reflective tape on your home, hanging CDs, or other shiny objects will affect the pigeon’s eyesight. The reflection bothers their eyes so much that they won’t bother with your home and garden.

  1. Apply a gel repellent

Applying gel repellent to your roof or other popular roosting spots in your home and garden is an excellent way to deter pigeons. You do need to reapply the gel every few weeks since it does wear off, but it is very effective. You also need to be sure it is environmentally friendly and will not harm the birds or other wildlife; just make their roosting spots uncomfortable.

  1. Solar Panel Proofing

Having pigeons nesting under your solar panels requires more specialised pest control services. Call AccuRat and ask about our solar panel bird options and our solar panel bird proofing. Our certified and experienced professionals will visit your property, carry out a thorough inspection of all the areas and discuss with you all pigeon repellent options.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons From your Home and Garden AccuRat

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Pigeons can quickly become a nightmare if they are not dealt with quickly. Using some of the methods above to get rid of any pigeons you have now or as a preventative measure is an excellent idea. If you are not able to rid your home of pigeons, it may be time to call in a professional pest control company to help.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons From your Home and Garden AccuRat

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