Effective Mice Control Services

Want to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home or Business?

Once the mice problem is identified, we will take the necessary measures to ensure satisfactory results. You no longer need to worry about your problem.

Our mice exterminator will talk with you about the problem and explain the procedure of the pest control treatment. We suggest only children and pet-friendly solutions and give free advice on how to prevent an infestation in the future, incl. mouse proofing works where required.

More About Our Mice Control Services in London 

Mice are a common pest UK wide. Finding them in your home or business can be really disturbing, not only because of the way they look but also because of the damage they can cause. Their constant gnawing can ruin furniture, insulation, pipes & other items. Mice are also known to spread diseases by contaminating food.

They thrive in varied conditions and many people have at one time or another sought professional pest control for mice problems. If you too require mouse control services in London or the surrounding areas, call us.

The mice control experts at AccuRAT will locate the nesting spot and provide you with a fully tailored, reliable service. We will help you handle the mice invasion quickly by finding the most suitable treatment for your personal situation. Here is what we will do:


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You can identify a mice problem yourself. Look for droppings, tracks, and gnaw marks. When you call us, we will dispatch one of our rodent control specialists to talk with you about your problem and explain how the treatments work.


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We implement the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach and strictly follow the Risk Hierarchy protocol when using rodenticides. Usually the treatment consists of 2 visits. On the first we set traps, set bait and fix small rat holes. 2 weeks later we will come again.


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We perform a thorough inspection of the entire premises to ensure they are pest-free. Then we will give advice on how you can prevent future infestations. You are also entitled to a 1-month warranty if you follow all our recommendations.

Advanced CCTV Drain Survey and Cavity Inspections with our Advanced Equipment



Returning mouse infestations are annoying and really frustrating. Even after spending lots of money on professional pest control, there are times when you are just not able to get rid of the mice nest.

The main reason for that is the fact that even though the property receives quality treatment and removes the pest for a while, the source of the infestation is not taken care of. In our experience, we’ve found out that returning mouse infestations are triggered by unexplored cavity walls, craw spaces underneath the floorboards and uninspected cracks and ceilings for signs of mice.

With our specialized surveillance equipment, we closely examine the unreachable spots using High Definition Push Rod ( and not only) Cameras.

They give us a complete 360* view so that we capture every little detail that might be of importance. Once we determine the main issue, we’re going to prepare a plan on how to properly take care of the infestations once for all.

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Why Mouse Proofing is Essential?

Our experienced Pest Control Professionals have dedicated their time in trainings and reserches on how to properly exterminate any rodent infestations from your home or business in London and Surrounding areas.

Our prooven eradication processes have led to 100% guaranteed pest- free premises and happy customers throughout London and all it’s Boroughs.

We provide fast and clean pest control proofing techniques to make sure that no pest will enter again and disturb your comfort. Check our gallery as a refference and book your extended rodent treatment today!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have mice infestation in my house?

Mice are small & agile – it’s a rare case to stumble upon one. That being said, there are signs that they leave behind. The most common ones are: gnaw marks on furniture; odd, musky odour; dropping & small traces around dusty areas.

Are mice actually dangerous?

Besides looking terrifying, mice can also cause irreversible damage to furniture, electricity wires & more. Furthermore, they’re known to transmit diseases through bites and their droppings.

How can I schedule a service?

To book your professional mice control, just call us, send an email or a message us through our contact form.

How many mice exterminators are needed to handle the job?

We send one or two mice control specialists, depending on the infestation at hand.

How do mice enter a house in the first place?

Mice are really small and can fit in even smaller holes. Their body shape allows them to squeeze through extremely small openings. The most common entry points are cracks in walls & floors, sewer pipes, drains, and gaps in windows.

Can you get rid of the mice if they are located in the walls?

If you believe that a mouse is nesting behind the walls, the local mice exterminators in London will use specialised modern equipment to examine the walls and pinpoint the exact location of the mice.

Do you work on Saturday & Sunday?

Yes, we are available on the weekend as well at no extra cost.

Is it possible for the mice infestation to continue even after the service?

There is a low possibility, however in cases where this happens our 1-month guarantee will surely get rid of the problems.

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