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If you’ve noticed that your clothes, carpets, and other fabrics are suddenly being ruined, chances are that you’ve got yourself a moth infestation. Attracted to dark and moist places, these pests breed quickly and can soon take over your living or working space without you even noticing.

Prevent this from happening and keep your property clean by getting in touch with our certified moth exterminators in London. We have the equipment to completely eradicate and offer permanent pest solutions for your home and business.

How Our Moth Control Service Works

With years of experience on the market as one of London’s most preferred pest control experts, our team relies on tested and guaranteed processes for moth elimination.

Apart from an amazing service, we offer same-day solutions, availability on weekends and bank holidays, and a 1-month warranty. We believe that every pest infestation requires a bespoke solution which is why we always strive to personalise our services according to the situation and the needs of the client.

Chemical treatment, bio-moth removal, heat treatment, and steam treatment are typical moth treatments for complete moth eradication, or to kill moth larvae in natural fabrics. We provide a treatment plan for our moth control London customers. The moth treatment London usually contains a few stages to make sure every single infested area is treated, killing eggs and larvae and controlling the damage on clothes and natural fibres.


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On arrival, the first thing our moth specialists will do is complete a complete inspection of the property to locate the origins of the infestation, determine the moths’ hiding places, and design a tailored solution.


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By using advanced and sophisticated moth extermination methods such as heat treatment and steam treatment, we guarantee that the infestation will be eliminated and you’ll once again be able to enjoy a pest-free environment.


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After the treatment, we’ll conduct a second inspection to check the performance of our pest solution. We will also offer free professional guidance on ways to avoid another moth infestation in the future.

Alternative treatments by AccuRAT

Chemical Treatment for Moths

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The affected areas are sprayed with insecticides that have residual effects and are unlikely to damage any of your furniture. Instead of killing the insects immediately, these insecticides scratch open the bug’s skin so it dehydrates.

Heat Treatment for Moths

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Just like bed bugs and fleas, moths are sensitive to dehydration and high heat. Because of their tiny size, extreme heat can easily obliterate their bodies. That is why they choose shaded spots and damp areas inside your home or in your yard to avoid direct sunlight and the hot climate.All life stages of the moths are extremely sensitive to heat and can be killed when exposed to high temperatures. Specialised equipment is used to heat up the treated areas above 60 degrees and can take from 3 to 8 hours depending on the number of rooms that are being treated. Heat treatment is the most successful treatment giving you 100% guarantee of elimination in one day killing fleas and insects alike in all of their stages.

Steam Treatment for Moths

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This is a concentrated treatment for any surface areas like your mattress, bed frame, skirting board etc,  targeting flea eggs and nymphs specifically. It can also be used on clothes or fabrics. A hot steam is directed at a flat surface like a mattress, your couch, or clothing burning any insect it comes into contact with. When doing this method of treatment it can be very time consuming and it does not have a residual effect. For maximum effectiveness some chemical spraying might be done as well to provide total eradication.

Portable Heat Treatments for infested furniture and clothing

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Non-toxic and completely safe method commonly used when treating couches, beds, tables, chairs, shoes, books, files, papers, clothes, bedding and more. No matter if you are looking for a residential or commercial, we are here for you. There’s a good chance moths will target your furniture and other items inside and outside your house next, making you and your family members susceptible to their attacks. Most people use heat to kill moths, after all it works against bed bugs and fleas. Oftentimes than not, after buying more than one second hand furniture, clothing etc. clients fear there is a chance they might be infested. Even after travelling, having too many clothes to wash to prevent the spread call us to have this exact treatment to make sure you don’t give a chance for any insect infestation to develop.

How to identify a Moth Infestation?



As moths evolved to avoid detection, they will always search for items that are stored, not frequently worn, or in the corners of your closet. Moths are not always visible until they fly out of a closet or damage is discovered. 

Another sign that you have a moth problem is seeing little moth eggs that look like dirt granules. Moth eggs are small and look like small particles of sand or dirt.  



If you want to learn more about the Common Clothes Moth (Tineola Bisselliella) you can visit our Pestology section or read some of our articles.

The more you know the kind of pest that is giving you grief, the better understanding you will get in the methods of eradication.

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