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If you’ve noticed that your clothes, carpets, and other fabrics are suddenly being ruined, chances are that you’ve got yourself a moth infestation. Attracted to dark and moist places, these pests breed quickly and can soon take over your living or working space without you even noticing.

Prevent this from happening and keep your property clean by getting in touch with our trained and experienced moth exterminators in your area. We have the know-how and technology to fully terminate every single moth from your space.

How Our Moth Control Service Works

With years of experience on the market as one of London’s most preferred pest control experts, our team relies on tested and guaranteed processes for moth elimination.

Apart from an amazing service, we offer same-day solutions, availability on weekends and bank holidays, and a 1-month warranty. We believe that every pest infestation requires a bespoke solution which is why we always strive to personalise our services according to the situation and the needs of the client.


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On arrival, the first thing our moth specialists will do is complete a complete inspection of the property to locate the origins of the infestation, determine the moths’ hiding places, and design a tailored solution.


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By using advanced and sophisticated moth extermination methods such as heat treatment and steam treatment, we guarantee that the infestation will be eliminated and you’ll once again be able to enjoy a pest-free environment.


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After the treatment, we’ll conduct a second inspection to check the performance of our pest solution. We will also offer free professional guidance on ways to avoid another moth infestation in the future.

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Moth control London AccuRat


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Moth control London AccuRat

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Moth control London AccuRat


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