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Rats are a serious concern for Hammersmith residents as they are cunning pests that regularly invade houses and flats, steal food, and infect your home or office. Despite their small size and hideous looks, they are very intelligent and comfortably infiltrate your space.

They’re good at recalling places, they are strong enough to open doors, and are tiny enough to enter holes and remain hidden behind walls and floors. Put differently, they can soon become your biggest nightmare as they’re difficult to locate and even more impossible to remove. To get fast and long-term results, you can call our rat control professionals in Hammersmith.

Once you book our rat control service, we will assign an experienced and qualified rat expert to visit your premises and thoroughly inspect the area. Our specialists will ask questions and assess the destruction caused by the rat infestation.

After the inspection has finished, our pest professionals can continue to the solution, where they will use high-quality rodenticides to remove rats. Our pest control Hammersmith exterminators are instructed to follow the Risk Hierarchy and adhere to the IPM protocol.

We’ll visit you twice to guarantee that the treatment has provided maximum results and our customers can also take advantage of drain survey and proofing.

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