Professional Rat Pest Control in London

Long-term solutions for rat-free property

Rat control London AccuRat
Rat control London AccuRat
Rat control London AccuRat
Rat control London AccuRat
Rat control London AccuRat
Rat control London AccuRat

In Need of an Effective Rat Control Treatment? 

Rats are not only annoying; they are also very hazardous to property and health. It gets worse when they start breeding which is why their removal should be handled by a professional rat exterminator.

If you require rat pest control services in London or the surroundings, please contact us. We are well-prepared and eager to assist you.

How We Get Rid of Rats in Your Premises 

With the experience of our professionals and the wide variety of rat pest control treatments, we are confident to say that there is no rodent infestation we can’t get rid of successfully. We use proven techniques & rodenticides to guarantee the effectiveness of our services.

Whether the infestation takes place indoors or outdoors, we have all available tools to provide a tailored service for every one of our clients. Using the advanced equipment we have at our disposal, we’re able to find the core of the problem and treat the premises so that you are not bothered by the rodents anymore.

It is paramount that anyone searching for a way to efficiently get rid of rats in the house or business premises should contact an experienced rat control company as soon as possible. Our technicians know how to eliminate these vermin effectively. Here is what they will do:

Initial Visit

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Once you call for our rat control services, we will send one of our exterminators to your property to determine how extensive the infestation is. Our representative will ask you questions and also assess the damage caused by the rodents.


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Part two of our service is the actual treatment process. It entails 2 visits where our rat exterminator applies rodenticides to the infested areas and locations. We follow the Risk Hierarchy strictly and our work complies with all IPM protocols. We also offer add-on services such as drain survey and proofing.


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Once our rodent control technician is done with the treatment process, he will break down the whole procedure on paper so you know what has been done. We will give you instructions on how to protect your premises from infestations in the future and if you follow our recommendations, you will avail from a 1-month warranty on the service.

Our Certified Drain Surveyors Can Help You

The drainage is often the hearth of rat infestations. Even if you remove an infestation for a while if the source is still left untreated the nasty rodents will be returning again & again.

During the procedure, we insert High Definition Push Rod Cameras into your drains and carefully inspect them. The advanced cameras allow the experts to have a full 360* view of the pipes and easily identify potential issues or traces that lead us to the main source of the never-ending infestation.

Having an advanced CCTV Rat Drain Survey is the best way to protect your property & business from future problems with rats. We highly suggest you have a detailed inspection once in a while in order to keep your property rodent-free.

Especially if you find that rats are always returning to your home – if this is the case, it is most likely because of the old damaged pipes located in the drainage. Rely on AccuRat to assist you in taking care of your property!

Rat control London AccuRat

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I avoid rat infestations in the first place?

There are a few simple things you can do to significantly decrease the chance of rodent invasion: Store your foodstuffs in boxes or jars, maintain a clutter-free home & clean it regularly, and if you have a garden – maintain it and keep it tidy!

Is professional rat removal necessary?

We don’t want to say it’s 100% necessary, however, if you really want to get the infestation out of the way and be sure that you won’t be bothered anytime soon, choosing to rely on our rat control experts is definitely the way to go. We’ll get to the core of the infestation and get rid of it completely.

Do rats have a distinguishable smell?

A single rat won’t be necessarily producing that strong of an odour, however, a rat infestation definitely comes with a heavy unpleasant scent.

How can I contact you?

In order to get in touch with us, you can give us a call, email us or use our contact form to send a message.

Is it possible to have just one rat rambling around the house?

In theory, yes, it is possible. However, it is very unlikely. Rats are very social by nature and breed very quickly, which makes it almost impossible for you to be dealing with just a single rat in your property.

How many experts perform the rat control service in London?

We usually send one or two rat exterminators, depending on the job itself.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes we’re available on weekends with no extra charge.

What if the rat infestation is not gone after the service?

In the rare case where the infestation persists, our 1-month warranty will ensure that you are not bothered anymore.

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Rat control London AccuRat


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Rat control London AccuRat

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Rat control London AccuRat

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