Signs You May Have a Rodent Infestation

How important the rodents control is?

If you suspect that you have rats or mice in your home, and you’re not sure if you have a full-blown brown rat infestation or just a couple of pests passing through. There are telltale signs of a bigger pest problem that you can watch for.

A good sign is if you have seen the rodent at night, but you don’t see any during the day that may indicate a smaller population of rodents in your home. The best way to know for sure if you have an active rat or mouse infestation is to call in a pest control service to rid you of rats or mice extermination in your local area.

With AccuRat, you can book a mouse proofing, mice control, or rat removal service, either. Our skilled exterminators will assess your home for an infestation of common pests and might spot smear marks if any.

Here are a few signs you can look for yourself to help determine if you have a rodent problem and require rat control for London and surrounding areas.

1. You find droppings
If you find dark and moist droppings, that is a good indicator of a mouse or rat problem: these are fresh. As the droppings age, they dry out and fade to a greyish colour. The rats or mice are most likely to leave droppings in areas that they are feeding or nesting.
Checking the area around where you found them for fresh droppings will be a good indicator of an active infestation. Common areas to find rat and mouse droppings are near food packages, in drawers and cupboards, under sinks, any hidden areas in your home, and along the walls.
2. You find gnaw marks
Newer gnaw marks are generally lighter in colour and will darken as they age. Gnaw marks can also help you determine if you have a rat or a mouse infestation. Larger gnaw marks would have been made by the larger teeth of a rat, while small gnaw marks would come from the smaller teeth of a mouse. If you find smaller gnaw marks that have turned into bigger ones, you may have a mouse infestation that turned into a rat infestation.
Common places to find gnaw marks are in food packaging, cable, and skirting boards.
3. You notice a foul odour
The frequent droppings and urination of the rats or mice will leave a noticeable unpleasant odour. If you have a pet that suddenly becomes very interested in any area of your home that they couldn’t have cared less about in the past, they may be smelling the rodents. Get a flashlight and check it out; when you get in close for a good look, you may be greeted with a stale ammonia smell.
4. You find runways and tracks
If you have rodents currently active in your home, you may notice tracks and what’s called runways. It’s the frequent paths taken by the rats and the mice. They like to keep close to the walls where they feel safer, and you may find droppings, urine, smudge marks or footprints. If you suspect rodents are frequenting an area, you could lay a thin layer of flour or baby powder down, and if there are active rodents in your home, you’ll see footprints in the flour or baby powder.
5. You find a nest
Rats and mice will collect fabric, dried plant matter, and shredded paper to build their nests. You have an active infestation if you find a nest with fresh dropping, gnawing, odour, or tracks around it.
6. You hear scratching or squeaking
If you hear scratching or even squeaking during the night, that is a good indicator of having rats or mice in your home. You may hear them scurrying around in your walls, under your floors, around cabinets and furniture. You might even hear them squeaking, giving you the confirmation that you need an active infestation.
Signs of rodents in your garden
Rats and mice are attracted to piles of garbage, organic waste, and any food source or materials to build their nests. If you have anything that may attract rats and mice to your garden, it would be best to eliminate them as much as possible to deter the rodents from coming into your garden and eventually making their way into your home.
Growing food for your family may attract rodents and is something that you shouldn’t eliminate. However, rodent-proofing your home would be a smart idea to ensure they don’t get in and start building nests inside your home.
A couple of tips to rodent-proof your home
· Seal up entry points – Take a walk around your house regularly and look for any open vents, gaps, or other possible points of entry. Don’t forget to look up and not just around the base of your home; rodents are excellent climbers.
Be sure to check any spots where utility lines enter your home or pipes, and remember mice only need a hole the size of a dime to squeeze through. Using wire screen covering, expanding foam, and steel wool to fill in any gaps or holes will do the trick to stop the rodents from gaining access into your house.
· Eliminate food and water sources – Rats and mice are attracted to any food not stored properly. Whether that’s inside or outside your home. Storing your food in thick plastic or glass containers, clean up any spills or crumbs after eating, seal up garbage cans inside and outside, and don’t leave any water out, including birdbaths. Eliminating food and water will go a long way in deterring rats and mice from being attracted to your home.
· Declutter – Having clutter inside or outside your home is perfect for rats and mice to seek shelter and build their nests. Keeping clutter to a minimum is a good deterrent for rodents; they won’t feel safe if they have nowhere to hide.
· Use traps – Some areas are prone to rats and mice. If you live in the country or even in urban areas, you may find that rodents find their way to your garden and home no matter what you do. Placing live catch traps to catch them and release them away from your home may be an option for you.

Signs You May Have a Rodent Infestation AccuRat

As you can see, having mice in the house is much more complicated than you may realize. They are fascinating creatures, but this doesn’t mean that they are creatures that you want to have in your home. Instead, think about where they may have come from and how you can get rid of them.

Speak to us as experts in mice control and let us help you remove the problem from your home and ensure that you don’t have to worry about mice now and in the future. 

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