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Looking for a Professional Wasp or Bee Control Services Provider? 

Wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, honey bees, bumble bees, tree bees, masonry bees, and carpenter bees are all bothersome and sometimes scary insects.

But worry not! We can safely deal with them. Our pest control company specialises in wasp & bee control and prevention, and can also assist with swarm relocation and nest removal.

More About Our Wasp Control and Management Services 

Whether it comes to long-term management or just a one-off wasp or bee eradication service, our experts have the solutions. We resolve problems within a day.

Once the pest is gone, we set up a long-term prevention solution to give you an insect-free summer! See the steps we take: 


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During our initial visit, we will determine what is needed to provide an effective bee or wasp removal plan, including finding out what is attracting the insects and where they may be coming from. Then we will explain the specifics of the overall pest control plan.


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We implement the IPM plan using strategically placed traps. We also adapt things on-site to move the wasps or bees away from you. We can perform the following services: wasp nest treatments, wasp nest removal, bee nest treatments, relocation, and proofing.


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Once we achieve the desired results, we can set up ongoing monitoring to ensure a bee or wasp-free property all year round.

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