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Dust Mites seem harmless due to the fact that they don’t bite or sting. This is true, however, they are known to be one of the most common allergens.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that there is a link between allergic reactions and exposure to dust mites & secretions. Dust mites have also caused serious respiratory and dermatological conditions such as eczema, irritation and asthma.

Got a dust mites problem? Our local exterminators will help you resolve it quickly and effectively!

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Dealing with dust mites on your own is nearly impossible. They are barely visible to the naked eye, due to their extremely small size. Insecticides do not present an adequate solution to such infestation since the dust mites are not insects.

The truth is that it’s pretty much impossible to completely get rid of the dust mites. However, our professional equipment and methods can drastically reduce their numbers.


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If you believe you might have dust mites bothering you, please contact our experts and schedule your inspection. The exterminator will be able to examine the premises and choose the best treatment method to effectively deal with the pests.


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The main and most efficient treatment we go for when it comes to dust mites is the UV vacuum cleaner procedure. This specialised method both kills the pests and removes them from the surface, keeping the premises clean and pest-free. This professional treatment is 100% safe and doesn’t require protective masks.

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Be sure that we do our best to provide exceptional service for each one of our clients. Personally tailored to your needs and expectations. If you have trouble with the pests at the treated spots once again, we’ll be happy to offer further treatment at no additional cost.

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