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Flea control London AccuRat
Flea control London AccuRat
Flea control London AccuRat
Flea control London AccuRat
Flea control London AccuRat
Flea control London AccuRat

The Shortest Road to Flea-free Home

Are you suffering from fleas in the house? You don’t need to have pets in order to get infested with these tiny, stubborn, and certainly irritating pests. They can hop on your clothes and travel back to your house with you to cause trouble. Our reliable flea treatment for your house or working space will help you say goodbye to the itchy bites, the irritated skin, and the stress.

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How Our Flea Treatment Works

Fleas are rather difficult to catch and terminate due to their tiny size and ability to jump. You don’t have to waste time trying to remove them from your house on your own. Our trained flea control experts are there for you.

You can rely on a quick and guaranteed flea service and a strict yet customised process. Enjoy same-day services and a warranty for one month.


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You’ve noticed signs at home that suggest you’re suffering from a pest infestation but you’re unsure whether it’s fleas that you’re dealing with? Just give our licensed specialists a call and we’ll arrive at your location for a thorough inspection. When we’ve identified the problem, we’ll suggest the next steps to take in order to provide a durable solution.


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Our experienced flea experts will come prepared with all the necessary equipment and technology to rid your home of the nuisance. Our treatment techniques include heat and steam treatments which provide efficient and quick results. Most importantly, they’re eco-safe and not harmful to pets and children.

Our Guarantee

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We won’t turn our backs on you before we’ve ensured that every last flea is gone. We’ll check the success of the flea treatment by conducting another final inspection to measure the results. If necessary, we’ll repeat our treatment to provide an impeccable result.

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Flea control London AccuRat


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Flea control London AccuRat

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Flea control London AccuRat


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