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In the UK, there is a varied environment, rich in wildlife. However, there are times when animals come into conflict with people and properties. When this happens, the wildlife can cause damage or pose a safety hazard for the people.

We offer humane fox control and management services that will help you swiftly remove the unwanted animals.

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Foxes need to be controlled. There are 2 methods that our pest control company uses: live trapping and shooting. While shooting is more humane, it is not always suitable for the clients’ site.

When we use trapping as a method to deal with foxes, we install special cameras to check on the cages so clients do not have to.


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Foxes are an increasing nuisance in towns all across the UK. If animals are disturbing your peace, act accordingly. Call us for help. We offer free advice and give quotes in advance.


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We will send one of our pest control services provider to check out the problem and suggest the most suitable solution. If it is shooting, then expect it to be done at dusk. If it is trapping, we will place the cages at entry points and set 3G motion detection cameras so we ca check if the foxes are caught.


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We inspect your premises one more time and give you a few tips on how to fox proof your property for the future. In the event of foxes coming back, do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to assist you.

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