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Professional Carpet Beetle Treatment For Your Home 

AccuRAT is specializing in Professional Carpet Beetle Control London, Essex and Kent. Dealing with varied carpet beetles can be tough and time-consuming. Even seeing one carpet beetle larvae, means that soon you will have an active carpet beetle infestation.

That is why we can provide you with some of the most innovative and lasting solutions in the pest control industry. We thrive on the success after each treatment to leave your home pest-free as soon as possible.

If you have this bug problem, it might be time to contact Professional Pest Control Company in London. We can offer you powerful carpet beetle treatments that eliminate carpet beetles and despite other bug companies, we back it up with a warranty. That means that if you see a carpet beetle on your window sill or any in your clothes, we will be right there for you.

Our knowledgeable and experienced pest technicians in London will provide a long-term solution to your residential or commercial property.

Should you try and how to get rid of carpet beetles infestation yourself

As you might know, dealing with any insect infestation can be hard and the only result will be prolonging the end result.

Many store-bought products like carpet beetle spray, will not help you in situations where a carpet beetle has infested your home or business.

Quite the opposite – the infestation can spread bigger, not to mention it is absolutely not recommended the usage of insecticides by a non-professional. Don’t wait to call a professional Carpet Beetle Exterminator.

Heat Treatment for carpet beetles

Insect Heat Treatment is always the most AccuRAT solution when dealing with any kind of insect. Check our bed bug heat treatment page for more information regarding the full process.

We guarantee to eradicate all signs of carpet beetle, carpet beetle larvae, or even eggs, same as all other insect infestations on the same day of treatment.

Our heat and chemical treatments provide the greatest level of customer satisfaction thanks to quick and comprehensive results.

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Why Expert Carpet Beetle Extermination is a Must

Have you tried getting rid of carpet beetles by yourself? If you have then you’ll probably know how difficult it is. Carpet beetles are tiny textile pests with enormous destructive potential.

Can carpet beetles fly

They are great at remaining unseen thanks to their hiding abilities, Dark brown in color with white spots on them – they can fly in from a bird nest near by and remain hidden until it’s too late.

Signs of carpet beetles

When in their larval stages, carpet beetles can destroy a range of different materials like silk, wool, carpets, and more. They will feed on your furs, feathers, horns, and other fabrics found inside your home.

They can also contaminate your food and live in your cereals, nut boxes, red pepper bags, and more. Our local carpet beetle control can help you protect your property and your family from this nuisance.

How Our Carpet Beetle Treatment in London Is Performed

As one of London’s most fast and clean pest control companies, we deliver a quality carpet beetle removal service every time thanks to our innovative treatments. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to adult carpet beetles and carpet beetles larvae.

Our pest experts follow a strict and guaranteed step-by-step process in order to achieve a custom-tailored pest service with a long warranty.

AccuRAT has developed a methology for dealing with carpet infestations in London and is always happy to offer different solutions such as Heat Treatments, Non-chemical Steam Treatments, and much more.


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The first step is to check the premises to see how the problem arose, how serious the infestation is,  where the dark-brown varied carpet beetles’ hiding spots are and if we can identify any ‘woolly bears’ during the pest inspection. We will discuss with you the best solution according to our findings.


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Next, we will move on to our professional carpet bug treatment. Our local carpet beetle experts will come prepared with all the necessary equipment and non-toxic insecticides to eliminate every single carpet beetle from your property.


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Once we’ve handled the situation completely, we’ll make sure the problem doesn’t return in the future. We’ll share with you valuable tips and advice on what measures you can take to enjoy a pest-free home in the long run.

Carpet Beetle Heat Treatment


Heat Treatment is always the quickest and most complete solution when dealing with any kind of insect infestation. We guarantee to eradicate all signs of the infestation on the same day of treatment.

Our heat and chemical treatments provide the quickest and most comprehensive results, which is why we are the best choice for customers. 

AccuRAT’s  Heat Treatment is guaranteed as of day one. This means the problem will be gone as soon as we leave the property. Our guarantee also means in the unlikely event that you experience any persistence, we will return (within up to three months, depending on the property) for further treatment.

Carpet Beetle Steam Treatment

Steam treatment is the most efficient method of extermination for carpet beetles because of their eating habits.

Young carpet beetles and larvae feed on natural fibres like wool, silk, and leather and animal products including pet hair. Adult carpet beetles feed on pollen, plants, and flowers. 

Treating upholstered furniture, carpets, and carpet pads (especially edges of carpets and near mop boards) and hard to reach areas under furniture with steam ensures for a more detailed solution.

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