How Much Does Bed Bug Treatment Cost? What is the cost of getting rid of bed bugs?


Dealing with bed bugs can be really distressing for anyone. These nasty creepy-crawlies don’t just feed on human blood, they leave annoying itchy skin patches that can lead to scratch infections. Some people may also have allergic reactions to their bites. At the very least, they can definitely cause sleep deprivation and stress. Since burning your mattress with a flamethrower is not an option, the best course of action is getting a bedbug treatment. But what is the average cost of bed bug treatment? Should you get it?

Average cost of bed bug treatment

The cost of bug treatment ranges from as cheap as £300 (for small problems, such as one room) to as expensive as £1,500 to £3,000 (for large spaces or the whole house). On average, homeowners spend £1,000 to £1,500 to get rid of bed bugs. 

Of course, the price differs based on a lot of factors such as the extent of infestation, size of space that needs to be treated, and type of treatment. 

What influences the average cost of bed bug treatment?

These tiny bloodsuckers are hard to find and are much harder to kill. They do not only nest in tight and hard-to-reach spaces, they are also nocturnal, which means finding their nests and spoting signs of bed bug infestation during the day can be pretty challenging for untrained eye.

Bed bugs are super resilient too. They can adapt to extreme environments pretty easily. For the most part, they are resilient to common household pesticides.

These are the reasons why the cost of professional exterminators for bed bugs can be expensive, compared to regular household pests. They use specialized and industrial-grade equipment and solutions to remove bed bug infestations. 

Also, costs are not usually set in stone. As said earlier, there are lots of factors that influence the pricing for bed bug treatment services. Here’s a quick breakdown of the cost:



Commercial vs. residential

Bed bug treatment is usually 25% more expensive for commercial spaces (i.e. hotel rooms) than residential spaces. This is because warranties for the service include a wider range of options. Also, pest technicians are expected to work on different schedules or for emergency calls around the clock. 

Thus, if your household doubles as a B&B, you may be charged differently. Also, if you are renting several units adjacent to your house, you may be charged differently as well, as the exterminator will consider it as an apartment complex.

Number of rooms

1 Room – £300 + VAT

Obviously, the pest control specialist is the one qualified to determine whether the infestation is limited to just one room or not. Heat, freezing, and chemical treatments are the options for clearing out a single room infestation. 

2 Rooms – $550 + VAT

Both rooms are likely to be bedrooms, as sleeping residents are the best food source for bed bugs. The thing about bed bug infestations is they don’t usually grow fast. Thus, the affected household may have had these nasty crawlers for a long time. Heat and chemical treatments are the common options for two room infestations. 

3 Rooms – 750 + VAT

For households with three or more bedrooms, the cost for treatment can go up to a thousand dollars or more. The pest specialist may also need to set baits or use bed bug sniffing dogs to confirm the presence of the bed bugs. For widespread problems such as this, treatment starts with fumigation and is then followed by chemical treatments. 

4 Rooms – 950 + VAT

If the bed bug infestation has been left untreated for months, the problem could spread to four or more rooms. This is because bed bugs can stick to clothing, pillows, blankets, and get transferred to another room where they can start a whole new nest and colony. Treatment also starts with fumigation, followed by the chemical treatments.


Whole house – Inspection prior quote is always recommended here.

Though whole house infestations are rare, they can happen. Most infestations are isolated to bedrooms, since it’s where bed bugs prefer – about 40-50cm from their feeding source. For crowded residences such as dormitories however, the infestation can reach other spaces. As always, treatment methods usually start with chemichal treatment. 

Severity of infestation

Though large infestations don’t always mean higher cost, it is way cheaper if you have discovered the infestation quickly, and it’s still relatively small. Obviously, extreme cases could mean more expensive costs. 

Subsequently, severe infestations mean bed bugs have moved into different areas in your household, which means more rooms and spaces need to be treated, thus the higher the service cost. 


Type of Treatment Methods

Depending on the pest specialist, there are many types of treatment options you can choose from to tackle your bed bugs problem. The right one for you depends on the space and the infestation’s location. 

Chemical spray treatment for bed bugs is cheaper than the average cost of bed bug heat treatment in UK. This is then followed by a Professional Fogging, Professional Steam Treatment and, of course, our Portable Heat Room method that allows us to treat even large furniture from the comfort of your home. Pesticides and chemicals are usually used together with one of these treatment options, as they are more effective in treating targeted areas. They are however, not a whole-house solution, and they obviously will add to the overall cost. 

To some extent, pest control experts may charge extra if they have to use specialized equipment. Subsequently, they may charge more if they need to use a larger amount of pesticide and other materials to effectively treat your property. 

How Much Does Bed Bug Treatment Cost? What is the cost of getting rid of bed bugs? AccuRat

Leave it to the pros

While it can be tempting to get those DIY bed bug treatments from your local supply stores, they may not be the best option for your problem. Bed bugs are extremely resilient, and if you do not have experience and equipment to handle the infestation properly, the problem will probably recur, and maybe get worse. It is best to leave it to the professionals. 

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