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We can all agree that squirrels are cute, but there’s nothing cute when it comes to them being in your attic. Although they are not native to the UK, the grey squirrel is the most common. Despite its cuteness, it is considered a pest for a reason. We understand the importance of living a pest-free life and we are here to help.

Common facts about and why should we get rid of squirrels

Squirrels are classified as rodents, which means that their teeth are constantly growing and they need to gnaw in order to keep them short. They are mostly causing problems to the property, mainly while looking for a warm place where they can hide and make a shelter, leaving only to search for food. Sometimes they can cause a fire hazard if they incidentally chew through cables in your loft. After making their shelter squirrels leave a lot of droppings, which can lead to contamination.

Signs of having squirrel infestation

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  • Scratching noises, usually coming from your loft or wall cavity
  • Droppings in your loft
  • Having more squirrels hanging around your property is usually a sign they might have shelter in your attic even if you haven’t heard them before
  • If you are a bird lover and you have some bird feeders in your garden it is likely squirrels will be stealing, as it is very appealing to them and of course easily accessible


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Squirrels are considered to be one the most invasive pest species in the world. AccuRat deals with squirrels in the most humane and efficient way. We will come to make the appropriate survey at your property, determine the reason they are disturbing you, and openly discuss with you further actions.


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There aren’t any pesticides or traps available for amateur use, but you can trust that we can handle your problem as humanly as possible. Only proofing will not stop them from entering, as squirrels are really clever and will continue to find a way in.  Get in touch with one of our representatives and we can discuss everything you what to know, learn when we have a technician available in your area and we will be with you as soon as possible

Our commitment to you


  1. First and foremost we will come for an inspection. We will have a look at your property and make a thorough survey to establish every possible hiding spot and entry point. We are always exploring the safest and efficient ways when it comes to getting rid of squirrels
  2. After a successful inspection, our technician will discuss with you the proper actions needed. We will make a specific plan in handling your situation.
  3. After finding the right strategy, treatment will be carried out. We take every case personally and will be coming back to monitor how our treatment is going.
  4. We are confident about our work and always back it with a warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Do squirrels bite?

They will only bite if provoked but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe. Ask for free advice from our friendly live chat representatives on how to act when squirrel activity is spotted on your premises.

How do you get rid of Grey squirrels?

Don’t leave any food source that is meant for other animals outside. Squirrels are mostly attached to bird feeders. Some proofing will be needed in order to minimize their access to the property. Call a professional squirrel control company.

Are Grey squirrels dangerous?

Squirrels usually avoid contact with humans. They are only dangerous to your property. Their main focus is finding food source and shelter.

How many squirrel exterminators are required for the service?

We send one or two experts to get the job done. It depends on how intensive the infestation is, the layout of the property and if any use of access equipment would be required.

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