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Protect yourself, your family & all of your belongings with the help of our portable heating units designed to get you rid of insect pests! 100% safe & effective treatment!

This technology allows us to eliminate the insects in all of their life-cycle stages. Including eggs, nymphs & adults!

AccuRAT can provide you with 2 different sizes of bed bug heaters that can serve different purposes & treat furniture of any size!

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For emergency pest control in London, same-day call out for mice, rats, bed bugs or cockroaches,  call AccuRAT right away! We cover South London, East London, North London, West London, Romford, Bromley, Watford and all surrounding areas.

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Our  pest exterminators will help you with the rodent eradication for your residential home in London and any business or commercial property within London and surrounding area. AccuRAT‘s team solve your pest problem and ensure your pest-free property. 

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If you have a pest infestation and not sure if you need either reactive pest treatment, or proactive pest management program, contact AccuRAT. We will guide you through the pest process, give you a bespoke quote and send out our technicians as soon as possible.

portable bed bug heater in london

Domestic Bed Bug Heater In London

Most of the time, bed bug infestations happen without us even knowing. In many cases, those who travel a lot and stay in hotels become a victim of infestations of such kind as hotels more often than not have or have had trouble with bed bugs.

Our bed bug heat box comes in different sizes & can help you isolate different types of furniture & belongings. The portable bed bug heater is especially useful for after-travel bed bug treatment for your luggage. We definitely recommend using one after a trip you think may have brought you trouble with the insects. With the help of portable bug heaters, you can efficiently protect yourself.

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commercial portable bed bug heater

Commercial Bed Bug Heater in London

Portable bed bug heaters have been more & more common for our commercial clients. This is especially true for hotel industries, as it is a well-known fact that more than 70% of the hotels around the world have had trouble with bed bugs.

From our experience, we know that the bigger room-size portable heat chambers are the most efficient when it comes to industrial clients, as they can fit bigger furniture, including beds, couches & more. Thermal treatments are the best alternative to toxic pesticides. The most commonly targeted temperature is 60°C (140°F) as the insects start to die around 40°C (104°F)

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How We Perform The Portable Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs

Believe it or not, bed bugs are amongst the most difficult pests to deal with effectively. This is why there are numerous bed bug treatments designed for different situations. When it comes to affected furniture, clothes & other items – the results that a portable bed bug heater is going to bring are the best you can get! Check out how we handle the service & efficiently protect you from the insects!


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We begin the service with an inspection to establish the most effective way to deal with the infestation at hand. During the survey, we’re going to decide which size portable heater will be the best fit for your situation.


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Once we’re familiar with the premises & the affected items, we’ll schedule a visit when we’ll bring the necessary equipment and begin the treatment that is going to completely eliminate the infestation


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As the treatment involves high temperatures that kill the bed bugs, we are certain that the procedure will eliminate the bed bugs effectively. Portable bed bug heaters are amongst the most efficient way to deal with the insects & we guarantee the success of the treatment.

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Ahh, rodents! They may be funny to watch in cartoon shows, but not so fun when you catch them roaming around the house… We got you!

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Cockroaches, bed bugs & many other can be a reason of distress. We have a wide variety of bed bug treatments & guaranteed success against crawling pests!

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The local pest exterminators are reliable choice for all of your pest troubles – from insects to the variety of wildlife – we know how to provide a humane treatment & protect your property!

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