Heat Treatment vs. Portable Heaters

If you find clothes with small holes in them or wake up in the morning with some bug bites, you didn’t have the night before. You may be facing a bed bug or moth infestation in your home.

These two pests are widespread and very annoying to have invaded your home. While they don’t pose any risk of disease to you or your family, they are still unpleasant and unwanted, and if not treated will spread like wildfire.

Clothes moths will make quick work of your clothing, bedding, and linen. While bedbugs pack a nasty bite, leaving you itchy and irritated.

Your first thought might be to run out and grab some pesticide for treating these types of pests, and that may seem like a good idea. In the end, it’s not. Treating with pesticides can be messy, toxic, and ineffective as you won’t reach and kill pests in all their life stages. You need to seek a professional pest control solution to deal with these pests the first time, and not run the risk of new infestation.

Calling pest control in London and having a heat treatment for insects used in your home will save you time, energy, and sanity. Killing bed bugs with heat is one of the most desirable ways for pest removal in London.

Why using heat treatment is superior

Using a heat treatment in your home is a safe and effective way to treat any infestations you are dealing with. Using 60° or higher temperature is lethal to moths and bedbugs at all stages of their life. There is no need to pack anything up in your home or move any furniture or electronics out of your home during treatment.

The only thing you need to do is make sure you, your family, and your pets have somewhere to stay during the treatment, if it’s a whole house heat treatment, and kick back knowing professionals are safely and effectively killing off any pests in your home.

Once heat treatments are completed, if done correctly, you will not have an infestation, and you also don’t need to worry about having to clean up any toxic residue. It was simply heat used during the process, so no worries about bringing your family and pets home after treatment.


Whole house heat treatment


The method of a whole house heat treatment in London is pretty straightforward and is exactly what the name implies. During this heat treatment, your home will be heated up to a balmy 60°, and that temperature will be sustained for 2 to 4 hours to ensure all the bugs are killed off.

This may seem like a simple treatment. However, you need professionals to monitor the process to ensure every inch of your house has been heated up, eliminating the pest problem. If you miss an area, the whole treatment could be useless and will have to be repeated.  


If this heat treatment for bed bugs or other insects is performed correctly, it will kill every bedbug or moth in your home in one treatment. This is an excellent way to ensure you don’t get trapped in the vicious cycle of treatments and repeated infestations.

Since no pesticides are used, you don’t need to pack or remove anything from your home before your home is treated. Everything in your house can be treated with heat and no issues with toxic residues left behind after treatment. This is especially beneficial if you have pets or small children.


This treatment needs to be executed perfectly for it to be effective the first time. If you have a large home, bug heat treatment can get to be expensive. If every nook and cranny isn’t heated up during the treatment, you may miss some bugs and have to deal with a reinfestation.

Heat Treatment vs. Portable Heaters AccuRat

Portable heat treatment


This type of heat treatment is similar to a whole house heat treatment, but it is done inside a box. You simply put the items you wish to have treated for bedbugs or moths inside the portable bug heater box and let the temperature rise to lethal levels and kill off any insect infestation.

This is an excellent solution for clothes, luggage, bedding, and linen. If you travel a lot, using a portable bed bug heater to treat the clothes and luggage you took on your travels to kill off any unwanted hitchhikers is a good idea. This is a great preventative measure to take and an excellent option if you don’t need your whole house treated with heat.


Using a portable heat treatment box is excellent to prevent a bed bug infestation or even pantry moths in some cases before they can take over your house. A tremendous non-toxic treatment to use in your home, especially if you have pets and small children.

You don’t need to worry about any toxic residue being left behind. You also don’t need to pack up your home or move anything around. Simply put the items you want to be treated into the treatment box, and crank up the heat.


This heat treatment will not be effective if your whole house is infested. You will need a much larger scale treatment, which can be more costly.

Once your home has been treated, you don’t want to go through that again; here are some tips to prevent moths and bedbugs from returning.

Moth prevention

  • Move furniture around every so often, moths like a good dark place to hide
  • Store out of season clothes in plastic totes or storage bags
  • Protect wool coats, sweaters, and blankets with plastic coverings
  • Vacuum often
  • Use heat treatment on anything you buy from thrift stores or garage sales

Bedbug prevention

  • All the tips above
  • Reduce hiding places, use box springs, keep your home tidy and clutter-free
  • Seal all cracks and crevices on bed frames, walls, baseboards, windows, door frames, furniture, and ceiling
  • Use heat treatment on clothes and luggage after traveling
  • Tighten loose electrical faceplates and repair peeling wallpaper

If you are experiencing an infestation of moths or bedbugs, it would be best to call in a pest control specialist in London to get them out of your house quickly with very effective heat treatments. AccuRat Pest Solutions Ltd. provides emergency pest control services and it’s always happy to help when it comes to specialized services.

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