Is Steam Treatment The Best Heat Solution for Bed Bugs

All you need to know for Pest Control Heat Treatments

If you are experiencing a bedbug infestation and want an effective and efficient solution. Steam treatments are exactly what you are looking for.

This type of treatment is commonly used in the eradication of bedbugs simply because it works. Steam can get into areas that other treatments cannot and will not leave any nasty toxic residue behind.

If you live in London and Surrounding Areas and are battling it out with bed bugs, this article will help you determine if steam treatment is the solution you are looking for.

    Why use steam treatment in London?

    • Kills bed bugs and their eggs immediately upon contact.
    • Can get into the cracks and crevices other treatments can’t reach.
    • Safe for sensitive areas of your home like your bed, your children’s beds, and playrooms.
    • Effective for bed bugs that have developed a resistance to insecticides.
    • Eco-friendly and cost-effective bed bug treatments.

    How does steam kill bed bugs and is it better compared to Heat Treatment Pest Control in London?

    Steam treatment is precisely what it sounds like; a fine mist of scorching steam passes over areas in your home, killing pests on contact, and is very effective in killing bed bugs in all stages of life.

     Our exterminators are trained with steamers that can reach temperatures of 183° or hotter. These are not everyday steamers. Bed bugs and their eggs cannot handle steam of that temperature and will die as soon as the steam touches them.

    Steam treatment can get into hard-to-reach places such as cracks and crevices, behind wallpaper, and deep into your mattress to ensure the bugs trying to hide are not missed.

    This is a very versatile treatment. This article focuses on bed bugs, but steam treatment will also eradicate any problems you may be experiencing with cockroaches, fleas, and mites.

    Why our steam pest control is the best non-toxic pest control in London?

    Our steam treatments will exterminate bed bugs and many other types of pests in your home quickly and effectively in the most eco-friendly way possible, which means that as soon as we are treating your home, it is safe to re-enter. There’s no need to worry about toxic residue being left behind, no chemical smell lingering in the air. You, your family, and your pets can go home after we have treated your house and carry on with your lives.

    Do I really need a pest control service?

    Yes, especially when it comes to bed bugs and pest control services in London.

    There is no such thing as a small infestation when bed bugs are involved. It may start small but will very quickly evolve to a massive infestation. Bed bugs are relentless and need to be treated before they can reproduce and spread.  Some people resort to using a clothes steamer to treat a bedbug problem.

    This is not very effective. While you may kill a few, clothes steamers don’t get hot enough to kill right away and give the bugs a chance to scamper off and find somewhere to hide. It is ultimately spreading the infestation through your house more than it already was. Not all life stages of the bed bugs can also be killed if the temperature hasn’t reached the ultimate one.

    If you are able to get your hands on a steamer that reaches the temperatures needed to kill on contact, you need to understand how to apply the treatment without spreading the infestation or damaging your home.

    Our exterminators are experts at developing strategies to ensure the infestation doesn’t spread and nothing is going to get damaged during the steam treatment. Since these very high temperatures are being used, certain parts of your home or objects cannot be treated.

    Your Pest Removal Service is unique to your home and needs a personalized plan created and implemented to ensure the infestation is eradicated as quickly as possible with as little damage to your possessions and house.

    Eco-friendly option or Non-Chemical Treatments

    The need for eco-friendly approaches when comes to pest control solutions and bed bugs in London has become very apparent. Using pesticides and insecticides has so many side effects on you, your family, your home and even affects some aspects of commercial pest control. Using steam to treat your pest problem is the most natural solution to many kinds of pests; it’s literally just hot water.

    Bedbugs are able to build up a resistance to insecticides, which makes treating them much harder. However, steam is effective no matter if they have built up a resistance. The steam will kill the bedbugs in every stage of their lives, with no nasty chemicals left behind.

    People are becoming more aware of their effects on the environment and their health with products they use, and pest control sprays are harsh on both. Using steam will have you and your family back home in no time.

    What to expect from the steam treatment process?

    When you contact us at AccuRAT Pest Solutions Ltd for a Pest Control Steam or Heat Treatment, we will send one of our trained exterminators to your London home to assess the infestation. This will give us an idea of what we are dealing with and come up with a strategy to best suit your pest problem.

    After our pest specialist has gone over a treatment plan with you, it’s time to get to work. We will bring in state-of-the-art steamers to use throughout your house to eradicate the bed bugs. The time it takes will depend on how big your home is and how heavily infested it is.

    It’s not uncommon to have steam treatments performed 2-3 times, bedbugs can be hard to treat, and some will scatter before the steam touches them. After the steam treatment, you can expect a follow-up visit to determine if another steam treatment is needed. Our pest specialist will set that up with you if you need another treatment and create a strategy to ensure that pests are being exterminated effectively

    We understand the effect a bed bug infestation can have on your health, physical and mental, as well as your quality of life overall. Bedbugs are not a pest you can tolerate. They are awful and need to be treated by a professional pest control specialist to ensure you can return to your home and life as quickly as possible.

    If you are experiencing an infestation, we are here to help. There’s no need to battle an infestation on your own. Call us today to have an exterminator come and assess your home and set up a plan to bring peace back to your life. 

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