What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs Instantly?


 Bed bugs are one of the worst kinds of infestation that you could experience at home. The worst thing is when a bed bug bites or said in a different way – they feed on humans. This can cause severe and adverse allergic reactions, itchy welts, making them a serious threat to your family’s health. If you need to address this pest problem, you might want to know what temperature kills bed bugs. The use of heat treatment is known as one of the most effective ways to eradicate bed bug infestations when comes to small cracks and crevices, especially in hotel rooms, where human traffic is higher. So why don’t you use it at your home when signs of a bed bug are present?

In this guide, you will learn more about the best way to approach a bed bug infestation so you can effectively rid your home of these small reddish-brown bugs. 

What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are sensitive to extreme temperature changes. This will give you a good idea on what you can do in order to stop them from spreading. The use of extreme heat and cold to kill bed bugs is not as straightforward as it seems though. It is important to distinguish the myths from the facts in order to develop an effective bed bug treatment plan.

Needless to say, turning on the heater during winter won’t get the job done. The same goes when you let any infested object at home sit under the sun in the summer. You need to aim for extreme temperatures if you want to get rid of bed bugs naturally. 

So, this begs the question: what temperature kills bed bugs? Temperature-related bug control is not just suited for bed bugs but also for a variety of pests. 

What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs: Heat

According to experts, you can kill bed bugs on both extreme ends of the temperature level. You can kill bed bugs at 60 degrees C in approximately 90-120 minutes. On the other hand, you can kill bed bugs within 20 minutes if they are exposed to a direct 50 degrees C heat. 

The main principle is that you need to achieve the aforementioned temperature range or it won’t be enough to kill bed bugs. At 37 degrees C, the bed bugs lose their ability to function properly. This temperature level still has the ability to kill bed bugs but it will require a longer exposure time.

At 37 degrees C, the heat can only kill the adult bed bugs and not the eggs. Therefore, it is not a recommended approach if you want to completely eradicate the bed bug problem. You need to go up to 60 degrees C to effectively kill the bed bugs and eggs fast. 

25What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs: Cold

You can also use the opposite approach and freeze bed bugs to death. You need at least -25 degrees C for a few days in order to kill bed bugs, along with their eggs. For example, you can place any infested item in a bag and then put it inside a freezer for a few days. 

The -25 degrees C range is definitive and there is a study that supports this claim. Even just one degree higher than this won’t be able to kill the bugs. In the aforementioned study, even a -24 degree C temperature level is not enough to kill bed bugs, even when exposed to this temperature for an extended amount of time. But a temperature level of -25 degrees C produces a 100% mortality rate for bed bugs. 

This explains why professional exterminators use extreme temperatures to control and stop infestation in your home, or any area where bed bugs thrive. It is best to use this approach if you want to completely eradicate them together with their eggs. 

The thing is that bed bugs are highly resilient. You need to achieve the right temperature in order to keep them from surviving. 

Challenges of Using High Temperature to Kill Bed Bugs

The use of hot temperature to kill bed bugs is an effective solution. However, it isn’t the most cost-efficient approach. You will need to buy or rent specialized equipment for this such as a heater or steamer. Eradicating a bed bug infestation can be very costly for an average household.

For this reason, it is a more cost-efficient approach to hire professionals to handle pest control in your home. They are equipped with the tools needed for the job, so there is no need to purchase them yourself. They also have the expertise to know the proper methods to use in order to eradicate bed bugs effectively and ensure they won’t come back (and by killing the eggs, not just the adult bed bugs). 

What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs Instantly? AccuRat

The Bottom Line

So, if you’re curious about what temperature kills bed bugs instantly, all you have to do is aim for 60 degrees C. 

However, experts warn that there is no such thing as killing bed bugs instantly – at any temperature (high or low). It takes a certain amount of time exposed to a particular temperature level in order for them to gradually die. 

When using hot or cold temperatures to kill bed bugs, it will take roughly the same amount of time. However, if you want faster results, then you need to go for a higher temperature. 

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