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You might not instantly think of moths as a pest, but we can promise you that having them in your home is not always welcome. This is particularly true if you have the eggs and larvae of common clothes moths (which is similar to the carpet beetles as well) rather than the flying insects that you are used to seeing.

When in your home, Moth larvae are very able to eat through any natural fibre, clothing, food that you may have stored, and upholstery. They can also cause those who are more sensitive to allergens to have allergic reactions. Not exactly an ideal situation to find yourself in. 

Whilst it is not good news to learn that you have moths eating away at some of your favorite natural fabrics clothes, there is some good news in the shape of the fact that you are able to get rid of them without using a moth extermination service. There are several ways to eliminate a moth issue and then prevent it from happening again in the future. 

Keep on top of your vacuuming

A dusty house is always going to be an attractive place for carpet moths to hang out, which means that one of the best ways that you can deter moths from coming into your home is to ensure that your house is dusted and kept clean. Vacuuming regularly is the best way to do this without calling a pest control company

Not only does this remove dust from your home, keeping it clean, but it also helps you to remove any eggs that the moths may have laid. They like to hide them away, so focusing on those little hidden infested areas in your house is essential for moth removal.

When you do vacuum, you need to make sure that you then empty the hoover and throw any waste in the bin as this will make sure that you limit the chance of the larvae hatching in your house.

Use moth traps

You can also stop a moth infestation by focusing on the adult moths. A moth trap is a great way to do this. However, they might not be something that you want hanging around your house.

They work the same as flypaper, which means that they are covered in moth pheromones, which will attract them to the paper. They then get stuck, and they cannot free themselves. This means that they will die. 

You can hide away moth traps in the places you see the most frequently, inside clothing storage or food storage areas, and be proud that you actually have a proactive treatment plan. 

Use cedar oil on hangers

Not so much ago, the most popular method to treat a moth issue was to use mothballs. However, they are no longer recommended. A natural alternative to mothballs is cedar wood and cedar oil. The fragrance of this oil is not something that moths enjoy, which will deter them from sticking around in your house. 

You can coat the hangers that you use with cedar oil (although this will need to be repeated every few months to keep the moths away. Of course, you can always use cedar oil by adding it to a diffuser or diluting it in water and spraying around as a room spray. This is a great bio alternative to moth fumigation treatments.

Try other herbs

There are other natural herbs and fragrances that moths are known not to like and use as a moth controller. These can be used by placing them into a small cloth bag and hanging them in your cupboards that moths seem to be drawn to. Or you could always mix the essential oils with water and spray them into the area. 

You do need to be careful not to spray any clothes in the area, though, as you may end up staining them and having to replace them.

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Heat treatment for moths in London and surrounding areas

Both the adult moths and the larvae, are pretty delicate, which means they cannot live in extreme cold or extreme heat. This means that a great way to treat them without worrying about any chemicals is with heat or cold treatment.

The cold treatment is easy enough to do yourself, mainly if it is only one or two items of clothing that you need to treat. You can place them in a bag that can be zip locked shut, and then that needs to go into the freezer.

Heat treatment can be harder, and it depends on the extent of what needs to be treated. It is a good idea to speak to an expert on this. As experts in helping you rid your home of a variety of pests, we could be that expert that you need to help you get rid of your moth problem. 

We have a specialist moth’s heat treatment that allows us to help you to have a moth-free home. We can come to your home with our portable heating rooms and then take anything that you feel needs to be treated right there and then. There is no need to worry about any harsh chemicals or it having an impact on your pets or younger children. We always make sure that our treatments are as safe as possible. 

No matter how serious your moth problem may seem to be or the damage that is causing within your home, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we are here to help. We have a range of treatments that are designed to be an eco-friendly way to rid your home of a variety of pests and to keep you and your family safe. 

So, what are you waiting for? Speak to us today about how we can help you have the safest house that you can, free from pests in London. 

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