Oriental Cockroach (Blatta Orientalis)

Why the cockroach Pest Control is Important

Not many pests are worse to find creeping around your home or business than the Oriental cockroach. They are typically hard to kill, breed very quickly, and are able to get into many hard-to-reach spaces for food. Not to mention, their appearance is often considered to be creepy and off-putting.

As soon as you find a cockroach or signs of a cockroach infestation, you’ll want to act fast as a single cockroach can quickly become hundreds. This is especially true of the oriental cockroach, which is also known as the waterbug or black beetle. They are among the largest species of cockroaches known to exist worldwide. It literally looks like a giant compared to the German cockroach which is a common cockroach all around the world.

So, let’s take a closer look at the key characteristics of the oriental cockroach, how they might have gotten inside your home, and how to get rid of them fast. How a pest control company in London will carry out a professional pest control treatment? What is bait gel and is it better for the cockroach treatment than a chemical spraying? Keep reading to learn all these details and more!

Features and Characteristics

The oriental cockroach is one of the largest species of cockroach in the world. Adult males can reach sizes of 18 to 29 mm in length, while adult females typically reach sizes of 20 to 27 mm. Their shells are dark brown or black in color and have a glossy appearance.

Females may appear different from males at first glance, as their wings are less noticeable. They actually have a pair of nonfunctional wings located directly below their heads, while males have a pair of large wings that are also nonfunctional. The male’s wings will cover up to three-quarters of their bodies and are brownish in color.

These cockroaches were originally known to live in regions around the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea but have since spread to every cosmopolitan area of the world. Wherever humans go or have gone, these pests have followed.

However, even though they can often travel and hitch a ride with humans to new habitats, they do this more slowly than others of their species. They often love damp, wet, and dark areas like sewers, drains, damp basements, porches, or other moist locations. They also like to live outside under wet leaves, mulch, or rotting logs.

Oriental cockroaches have become major pests in the UK, as well as major regions in Europe, Israel, Australia, and South America. Having cockroach service by a cockroach exterminator is what reputable pest control companies are standing for.

How did they come in



Being relatively small as far as pests go, oriental cockroaches can come into your house in a variety of ways. An unused drain may let plenty of them in, as they typically tend to infest sewers and will have easy access through pipes. Our Pest technicians will be able to point to any key areas in your home that require attention and also to propose professional cockroach proofing if possible.

They may also have come inside from the surrounding outdoor area, especially if the surrounding land is covered in wet leaves, damp undergrowth, or rotting trees. Any tiny hole or gap in the exterior of your home would be enough to let them inside, or they may have clambered through an open window or an open door when you weren’t looking.

Oriental Cockroach (Blatta Orientalis) AccuRat

Why Do You See Them Around Your Home and Are They Dangerous? 


This type of cockroach loves damp and moist areas, so if you have a leaky basement or another area of your home that typically sees leaking water or moisture, they will come in and make their home in these areas.

They will also be more likely to infest your home if there is mold or rotting food sitting left out or in an open garbage can that they can easily access, as rotting food is one of their primary food sources. A sink full of dirty dishes may also attract them as they can subsist on food scraps and leftovers left on dirty dishes.

Oriental cockroaches will also always be looking for a safe, warm place to lay their egg cases that also have a high humidity level. They’ll come inside your home looking for such a place and will seek dark, warm corners of your home to do this.

These cockroaches are not typically dangerous to humans, as they lack any kind of venom or pincers strong enough to cause damage to us. If threatened, their natural instinct is to simply flee, and they will attempt to scurry away to a dark and hidden spot to evade further detection. 

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