The Hidden World of Mice

Or what to do when you find a mouse in your house


While many people may think as the main difference between mice and rats is that the mice are cute and cuddly creatures, the truth about them is that they can become problematic pests just like the other rodents. Mice can soon go from being just the one that pops into your property to completely taking over your home and cause a mouse infestation where professional mouse control is required.
The thing about mice is that they like to live in groups, want to breed, and make themselves comfortable in places that aren’t their home.
The good news is that mouse proofing is possible, as well as mouse cleaning and mouse removal too.
So, want to know more about how you can make sure that you are mouse-free? Here is what we know about the hidden world of mice.

The main signs of mice

(despite the ones caught in humane mouse traps)


For many people, the first thing they want to know is the signs of there being mice in their homes. Sure, mouse droppings are a big giveaway (as well as being a disgusting one and spread disease, too), but what about any other signs of mice but no droppings?

As they don’t need access to water to survive because they gather all the water from the food they eat, maybe it’s important to mention how long can a mouse survive without food and water. As drinking water is not essential, the days without food are usually between 2 and 4.

The big giveaway is that you will hear scratching sounds from strange spots in your home. This will usually be at night, as this is when mice, as nocturnal animals, come out to hunt for food. The types of spots that you will hear scratches will be in your walls, ceilings, and any floor or roof spaces that the mice can live. 


Another way to tell whether or not you have a mouse colony living in your home is the track prints they leave behind when they move around. Of course, the cleaner your house is then, the less likely it is that you will see these tracks, but we all have hidden corners and cracks where the dust will build up.
It is also a good chance that the mice will know that you clean less here, which means that it will be a spot they like to hide away. Have a look in these spots, and you can see whether or not there are any mice paw prints there.
Mice need to eat, which means that they will often raid the kitchen cupboards to find what they are looking for. Even those that are hidden up and out of the way can still be raided. You will usually see signs of mice that have chewed into boxes and packets that you have hidden away in the cupboard.
Their teeth are so strong that they can even nibble through the plastic. It isn’t just food at risk either; mice will also gnaw and nibble at your soft furnishings, as the fibers they can remove from here will be taken back to their nests to make it as comfy as possible for them and their pups too.
If you have pets living in your home, you may find that they start to act a little strangely when you have mice running around. They will hunt, want to know more, and be able to scent all the “delicious smells” that the mouse or mice are leaving behind them as they move around, which will result in them wanting to find out where it comes from.

Do mice leave on their own?


Many people will wonder whether or not mice will leave your home of their own accord. Or will mice leave if there is no food for them to find?

The answer is no. Sure, you can try to remove the temptation for them to live in your home by taking away the food sources, but the truth is, they will always find a way to source food, especially when children and pets are around, leaving food and water.

Mice are also social creatures, and they will want to live within their large family units. This means that if one is tempted to stay behind, despite the food being harder to find, then they all will stay too.

The Hidden World of Mice AccuRat
The Hidden World of Mice AccuRat



Right, you have discovered that you may have mice in your home. You will want to take steps not only to remove them but also to clean up afterward. 


The Hidden World of Mice AccuRat

Mouse cleaning as part of the mice control in your property can be tricky to do as you won’t always know where they have been in your home.

You must always wear gloves when you are clearing up any urine and droppings that you have found from the mice. This will protect your hands. It is good to spray the areas with a mixture of bleach and water (or another disinfectant) and then let it soak for 5 minutes.

You should then use a paper towel to pick up those droppings and soak up the urine. This is because it can be put in the bin, rather than staying around in your home.

Once you have cleaned all of these up, then the time has come to disinfect the area as a whole. Floors should be mopped, and you should also clean down any worktops.

If you are concerned that you have had any of the mice on your furniture, then it may also be a good idea to steam clean it at this time.

You will want to reduce the chance of mice coming back into your home, which means that you need to learn more about mouse proofing. There are several ways to do this; you will need to learn which one will be the right option for you and your home.

If you suspect that you have a mice infestation in your home or have seen signs that they are living there, then the best thing to do is speak to an expert pest control company in London and book a mice exterminator.

Not only can they identify whether or not you have a mouse problem, but they can also advise you what you need to do to remove them and protect yourself and your home in the future.

The Hidden World of Mice AccuRat

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