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Looking for a same-day reactive pest control in London?. Choose AccuRAT and get your professional pest exterminator and pest control service with a long warranty after.

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Rest assured that your pest problem will be handled with care. Our pest exterminators will provide a thorough inspection and will carry out pest treatment accordingly.

If you have a pest problem and live in the Hillingdon area, contact us today, we can help.

Having pests in your home or business can leave you feeling defeated and exhausted. You don’t have to deal with them yourself; we don’t recommend you do.

Who are we?

We are a pest control service to the Hillingdon area, and we have many years of experience behind us. Our exterminators are familiar with the local pests in this area and have tried and true solutions.

We use only the best products and application techniques in the pest industry while minimizing our impact on the environment. Utilizing heat and steam treatments is a green treatment option we use. It is effective for many pests and doesn’t leave any nasty, toxic chemicals behind.

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Our technicians are highly trained and have extensive knowledge of pests and the treatment needed. We will eradicate any pest problems you are experiencing quickly and successfully.

Full range of pest control, prevention, and extermination

We are very familiar with pests in London, and surrounding areas, including Hillingdon. Over the years, our techniques have evolved into more sustainable and practical solutions to the pests we face on a regular basis. Some common pests we encounter are:

Rodents Hackney Rats and mice can be a tricky infestation. Finding their nest for removal is a cause for health concerns. We are experienced in safe nest removal as well as the challenges rodents bring to an infestation. Rodents can also bring other pests in with them, like mites or fleas. Our technicians will thoroughly assess your home or business to ensure you are not experiencing a secondary infestation.

Cockroaches – If you see one cockroach, you can be sure that hundreds already live in your home or business. These pests infest properties very quickly. They will contaminate everything they touch, spreading diseases like gastroenteritis, salmonella, E. coli, and staph infections.

Bed bugs – These little blood-sucking pests are not known to spread disease, but they feed on human blood. People have reported having insomnia and anxiety after a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can be tough to treat, they don’t fly, but they are fast on their feet and spread out quickly. They are also able to build up tolerances to insecticides. Heat and steam are good options to eradicate bed bugs.

Silverfish – These tiny insects are covered in a silver scale, which is where their name comes from. Silverfish love dry goods in your pantries. While you won’t get sick from them, they do leave droppings behind, and that’s pretty gross. You can also find silverfish munching on glue, paper, and linens. They can be very destructive to your home or business.

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Pigeons – When pigeons take over your home or business, you may find yourself amid a nightmare. These birds can bring bird mites with them, destroy the exterior of your home, leave droppings all over your property, and feast on your garden.


We also have experience with the extermination, removal, and prevention of:

  • Moths
  • Various Carpet Beetles
  • Pigeons
  • Foxes
  • Fleas
  • Silverfish
  • Woodworms
  • Mites

And so much more

What can you expect from us?

When you reach out to our office, you will be greeted with kindness and compassion. We understand that infestations are stressful, and we want to make this process as easy as possible. You will find our staff to be professional, courteous, and genuinely care about your concerns and safety.

We have emergency appointments available if you find yourself in an emergency. We also offer aftercare services and pest-proofing and prevention consultations.

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AccuRAT will deliver professional service from your first call all the way to the end. You can expect:

1. After talking to our office, you will have an appointment booked as quickly as possible.

2. One of our technicians will visit your home or business and assess the extent of the infestation and what solutions will work best.

3. You will receive a report on the technicians’ findings and what to expect from the treatment process.

4. The treatment discussed will be carried out.

5. Another assessment will be done to determine if the pests have all been cleared. If the technician thinks another treatment is needed, it will be carried out.

6. This last step is not necessary but strongly recommended. We will pest-proof and implement preventative measures to your home or business to deter future pest problems.

Bed Bug Control in Hillingdon

One of the most unpleasant pests anyone can deal with. Disturbing and nasty, once you acknowledge that you may have a bed bug infestation – you have to act! The local expert in the area has been helping Hilllingdon locals get rid of these bugs quickly and effectively. Count on us to do the same for you!

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Signs of Bed Bugs

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Common signs are bed bug bites, anywhere on your body & bloodstains mostly on your pillows and sheets. In most cases, they are not easily seen as they are good at hiding and are pretty small as well. If you believe you might be a victim of an infestation of such kind – wait no more! Get in touch.


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Handling a bed bug infestation is tricky and requires a great familiarity and understanding on how to examine the premises properly and choose the best possible bed bug treatment to perform. The local exterminator will handle that entirely!


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After we acknowledge how serious the infestation at hand actually is, we’ll be able to choose the best treatment method for your situation. Our team is always fully equipped & experienced in performing different treatments using professional techniques. Definitely a reliable choice for your pest control needs.

Our Warranty

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Our main goal is to provide an affordable professional service that gets the job done every single time. The bed bug treatment includes 2 visits and comes with a one month warranty.

Available 'round the Clock

For emergency pest control in London, same-day call out for mice, rats, bed bugs or cockroaches,  call AccuRAT right away! We cover South London, East London, North London, West London, Romford, Bromley, Watford and all surrounding areas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our  pest exterminators will help you with the rodent eradication for your residential home in London and any business or commercial property within London and surrounding area. AccuRAT‘s team solve your pest problem and ensure your pest-free property. 

Free Consultations

If you have a pest infestation and not sure if you need either reactive pest treatment, or proactive pest management program, contact AccuRAT. We will guide you through the pest process, give you a bespoke quote and send out our technicians as soon as possible.

It is good to be realistic when it comes to pest treatments. Most of the time, it will be necessary to perform a couple of rounds of treatment or combine a couple of methods to treat certain pests.

If we feel that this is the case for your home or business, we will be honest and make sure you understand the process and what to expect from start to finish. Our technicians are very thorough with each treatment, but some pests can be challenging to treat with one round of treatments.

Do I have to treat an infestation right away?

It is best to treat an infestation as soon as possible. Before any significant damage is done to your property and before anyone gets sick from the pests. It doesn’t take long for some pests to become a serious infestation. Bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents reproduce quickly, and you will find yourself with an out-of-control infestation in a blink of an eye.

Catching and treating a pest problem before it escalates and ends up costing a lot of money in repairs and medical bills is your best bet. The smaller the infestation, the quicker and more cost-effective it will be to treat.

Area Page - Hillingdon AccuRat
Area Page - Hillingdon AccuRat

It is not a good idea to treat pests yourself

Taking an infestation into your own hands generally ends up in a professional pest control service needing to come in anyways.

Every pest has its quirks and needs someone familiar with effective treatment to eradicate the infestation quickly. You may make matters worse by treating them yourself and causing a wider spread problem or insecticide-resistant bugs.

We are eager to help you rid your home or business of pests and restore your peace of mind.

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